'Legends of Tomorrow': Courtney Ford on Nora and Ray's Dynamic

Legends of Tomorrow's Courtney Ford and Brandon Routh are real-life husband and wife, but they've [...]

Legends of Tomorrow's Courtney Ford and Brandon Routh are real-life husband and wife, but they've had a much different relationship on the show with Ford's Nora Darhk spending most of last season possessed by the big bad demon Mallus. But Nora's situation has changed going into season four -- and the dynamic with Routh's Ray Palmer may as well.

Speaking with ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic-Con last month, Ford explained that working with Routh is easy as they've done before, but their roles on Legends are different and will evolve this season.

"It's really easy, we've actually worked together several times and this has been the most fun because the other times we've worked together we've been a couple and nothing really complicated about that you know but this, the kind of antagonistic relationship but then also... I don't know, there's many layers, it's confusing, what's happening and their curiosity about each other.," Ford said. "I think this is the most interesting and most fun we've ever had."

Last season on Legends of Tomorrow, Ray Palmer/The Atom got to know Nora a little bit better than some of the other Legends, first trying to save her as a teenager and then, when stranded in East Germany in 1962 the pair worked together to save a scientist from a younger version of Nora's father, Damien Darhk. Ray ultimately does manage to save Nora from Mallus -- who will destroy her when he fully possesses her and uses her body to take his true form -- by working with Damien. After Damien sacrificed himself to Mallus, Ray comforted Nora and, later, when she was taken away by the Time Bureau, he secretly gave her a way to truly get a second chance.

That shift in the relationship as well as Nora's own status opens up a lot of opportunities and while it sounds like her story with Ray will be fun to watch, Ford also has some other things she'd like to see explored with Nora. Ford, along with Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe) and Matt Ryan (Constantine) were all promoted to series regular and she would love to see Nora interact with Ryan's Constantine in particular.

"With Constantine!" Ford answered without hesitation when we asked whether there was someone she might want to play off of. "I think he's such a wild card. Everyone's really excited to see what happens when you put him with…anybody who's in the cast. What does he bring out? The flavor that he adds and the energy that he adds."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns to Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW this October.