Legends of Tomorrow Executive Producer Gives Update on Season 5 Status

With all of the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the entertainment industry, the fate [...]

With all of the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the entertainment industry, the fate of many television shows' currently in-progress seasons has been left up in the air. This is especially true for The CW with many of the network's shows announcing hiatuses as production on those shows have come to halt in efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, prompting questions from fans on whether their favorite shows will get their season finales. While that may be up in the air for some shows, in the case of DC's Legends of Tomorrow appears to be moving right along "virtually" according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

On Tuesday, Guggenheim replied to a fan's question on Twitter about the status of DC's Legends of Tomorrow's fifth season, inquiring whether they would get a season finale and it turns out, production on the show's fifth season was completed prior to the shutdown.

"We were able to complete production on the season and post-production has been moving apace thanks to our incredible team," he wrote. "In fact, we're having a 'virtual' sound mix of Ep. 514 this afternoon."

Last week, fans were stunned with the announcement that new episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow would be delayed and replaced with reruns instead. The episode of Legends that was supposed to air on March 24 -- "Zari, Not Zari" -- and the episode that was set to air on March 31 -- "The Great British Fake-Off" -- would not be airing on those dates. No expected return dates had been offered, though a preview for The Flash's "So Long, and Goodnight" noted that that show would return on April 7. That return date has also been shifted as the network will re-air "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in its entirety during the week of April 6.

While a solid return date for new episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow and indeed all of The CW's normal programming hasn't yet been revealed, Guggenheim's revelation that Legends is firmly in post-production will come as a relief for fans as not all of the Arrowverse shows had completed filming prior to shut down. Supergirl star Nicole Maines recently explained that Supergirl had begun filming the finale, but still had a few scenes to finish when the production halt came down.

"We started on the season finale and we had a couple more scenes to do," Maines said. "We have a couple scenes that are stragglers, so it's waiting for production to pick back up and what Warner is going to say. Because, as of now, all the shows up here have halted production."

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