Legends Of Tomorrow's Brandon Routh Teases The Fortress Of Solitude

Superman Returns star Brandon Routh may have traded in a red cape for a pocketul of dwarf star [...]

Superman Returns star Brandon Routh may have traded in a red cape for a pocketul of dwarf star alloy but the actor -- who plays Ray Palmer on DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- looks positively homesick for the Fortress of Solitude in a new social media post comparing one upcoming Legends set to the iconic Superman setting.

"Something about this set is making me feel at home," the actor joked on Instagram, alongside a photograph of himself staring into a lighted crystal structure (see below).

While the structure does feel a bit like something you might see in a Superman movie, it is unlikely to indicate that the Legends will find themselves dealing with Kryptonians anytime soon: the crystals here do not closely resemble those in the Fortress of Solitude as depicted on Supergirl.

(Neither do the modern, metal-and-glass structures seen in the room; the Fortress on Supergirl is all crystal daises and few flat surfaces, with nothing that would resemble the shelf or glass case the crystals here appear to be housed on.)

The image was likely taken in a set specific to the individual episode, although the lighting and shelving both resemble material seen in the Waverider's lab, where Ray Palmer has worked on and off throughout the series alongside Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson.

(Photo: Russ Burlingame)

Routh portrayed Superman in Bryan Singer's 2006 release, a sequel to Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie and Superman II which ignored the events of Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. While Donner's Krypton has always inspired Supergirl's take on the planet (and will also inspire some of what Syfy is doing with Krypton in March), the two takes obviously do not share a continuity.

The CW's DC shows have occasionally had some fun with Routh's history as Superman, most notably in the "Invasion!" crossover, in which Ray comments that Supergirl "really kinda looks like my cousin."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW beginning on February 12.