Lucifer Showrunners Tease What's Next in Season 6

The long-awaited second half of Lucifer's fifth season dropped on Friday and it brought with it [...]

The long-awaited second half of Lucifer's fifth season dropped on Friday and it brought with it some major changes for the Devil and those around him. With Season 5 ending on a bit of a cliffhanger of sorts and Season 6 of the Netflix series set to be its last, fans are reeling, wondering what's next. Now, series showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are teasing what they can expect next season with Lucifer's big shift in status quo, noting that there will be a bit of a time jump between the two seasons and teased that Season 6 will be a more "intimate story".

Warning: major spoilers for Lucifer Season 5B below this point. Do not read any further if you do not want to know.

In the second part of Lucifer's fifth season, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) ends up taking his father's (Dennis Haysbert) as God when the latter retired, moving on to Goddess' (Tricia Helfer) universe. Lucifer's career change, as it were, didn't come without some drama though -- particularly a battle with his brother Michael (also Ellis) who wanted the role of God for himself -- but the shift sets the stage for a completely new chapter for Lucifer on several levels. Not only does he now have new powers and responsibilities, but he's finally told Chloe (Lauren German) he loves her. According to Modrovich, the series will explore what's next for the couple after this big step in the final season.

"Every season we've tried to explore a new problem for Lucifer, a new chapter, a giant step for him to take emotionally," Modrovich told Variety. "When we were offered, generously, Season 6, we found one story, one final chapter that we realized we had to explore. And that does have consequences and effects to Lucifer and Chloe. We've all been there. Once you're in a relationship, it's not like once you, let's say, get married, then that's it -- happily ever after! There are things thrown at you and obstacles and things you have to go through, which affect your relationships as well."

Another major surprise in Season 5B was the death of Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro), but Henderson and Modrovich tease that Dan's story isn't quite over yet.

"That sounds like a journey," Henderson said. "I think I can say safely Dan Espinoza is one of our favorite characters to torture, and getting a chance to do it for a little bit longer has been a delight."

The complete fifth season of Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix.

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