Supergirl: Lynda Carter Will Return In Kevin Smith's Next Episode

Lynda Carter, the First Lady of TV Superheroes, is returning for another appearance on Supergirl and it just so happens that none other than fan-favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith is directing the episode she's appearing in.

Taking to Instagram this past week, Smith posted two separate pictures from the set of his episode, which is slated to debut later this season.

In the first picture, Smith is seen posing with Carter, who portrayed President Olivia Marsdin in her last appearance on 'Welcome to Earth.' The appearance paid homage to Carter's legendary performance as Diana Prince on the iconic 1970s Wonder Woman TV show. When Supergirl commented on the President's jet, Marsdin mentions that she should see her other jet, a nod to Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

As Smith said in the picture's caption: "You're a wonder, Wonder Woman! Had a @dccomics dream day working with the First Lady of TV Superheroes. … She's still fighting for our rights, but what you can't see is that I'M the one wearing the satin tights."

The second image shows Smith standing above a grate posing with some of the technology made for this particular episode.


This episode will be Smith's fourth directorial effort in the Arrowverse. Smith directed 'Supergirl Lives,' an episode that debuted earlier this season in addition to two episodes of The Flash.

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