Man of Steel Star Reflects On Ten Years Since She Was Cast

Christina Wren, who played the much-discussed Carrie Farris in Man of Steel, took to social media [...]

Christina Wren, who played the much-discussed Carrie Farris in Man of Steel, took to social media yesterday to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the day she was cast in the DC film. Like most actors who aren't playing the lead character in major superhero movies, Wren told fans that she didn't know what she was auditioning for, and so it was ten years ago that she not only received word that she had earned the role -- but that she would be sharing the screen with the world's greatest superhero. In the post below, she relates the story of learning it -- and telling her family.

She also thanked Zack Snyder, saying that he "plucked [her] out of oblivion" and saw something in her. Wren has been a big supporter of Snyder's, and appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with him, too.

You can see the post below. For those readers whose Instagram embeds don't work, we'll quote the major points of the post below it.

"Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of when I found out I was cast in Man of Steel," Wren wrote. "I hadn't known what I'd been auditioning for, and when I hung up the phone with Kristy Carlson, Demetrius and my dad were with me in a hot room in Jersey City, huddled around a window AC unit asking, "What is it?!? What is it?!?" and I said, 'You can't tell anybody but it's… Superman!' And immediately burst into tears. So many times I've been about to give up the game and try to find something else to do with my life and that season was one of them. I'm so grateful for all I learned and experienced, all the fun I had and relationships I made. I still pinch myself sometimes, so grateful that the dream is still alive and the journey is not over. I will never understand why but will always be grateful to Zack for plucking me out of oblivion and seeing something in me. Looking forward to what adventures lie in the decades to come!"

As luck would have it, you can also see a video interview we did with Wren on the red carpet for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below.

Wren is back to work with Snyder again soon: she has a role in Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, an animated series for Netflix set in the world of Snyder's Army of the Dead.