Zack Snyder Responds to Question About 'Man of Steel's NSFW Pod Shapes

Even though Zack Snyder's time (of infamy) in the DC Extended Universe movie franchise is now [...]

Even though Zack Snyder's time (of infamy) in the DC Extended Universe movie franchise is now done, fans' fascination with Snyder's DC films is still alive and strong. Lately it seems like Snyder's Justice League and Batman v Superman movies have been the point of fascination and discussion - but today we're actually getting some new insight into Snyder's first DC film, Man of Steel.

Well, sort of...

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As you can see above, the infamous question about Man of Steel's version of Kryptonian prisoner pods has risen again (snickers). The pods have been ridiculed ever since they first appeared onscreen, as their design is so overwhelmingly phallic that fans have been cracking jokes about it, ever since.

It's great to see Snyder having fun with the question rather than becoming a bitter and pretentious filmmaker, trying to defend his creative vision. His claim that his reasons for 'dildo pods' are too numerous to count is at once hilarious and delightfully creepy.

The pods were of course featured as part of the scene in which General Zod and his forces were tried and convicted for an attempted coup by Krypton's high council. Zod infamously screams at Superman's mother, Lara Zor-El that her natural born son will never be safe, as "I WILL FIND HIM!" Zod and company are then coated in a black liquid that wraps them like mummies in big pods, which are then blasted off into the Phantom Zone prison.

Even if you're a hardcore Man of Steel defender, it's hard to argue that it wasn't a curious design choice for how to approach an advanced alien race's method of incarceration. While much of Man of Steel's aesthetic design was done to reflect a much closer synthesis of the biological and mechanical than we see on Earth - just one subtle way Snyder wanted to underscore Krypton's movement away from a natural evolutionary path of life, in favor of a stagnating bio-engineered society. It was an important theme that was supposed to pay off big in the climatic battle between Superman and Zod - but much like Batman v Superman's climatic act, the big thematic pay off didn't land as well as Snyder expected, and Man of Steel's version of Kryptonian culture ended up raising more questions and debates than it did wowing fans.

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