Mark Hamill Imagines How Donald Trump Might Respond To His Trumpster Quotes

On Saturday, Mark Hamill received a LOT of attention for uploading an audio clip in which he read Donald Trump's infamous New Year's Eve tweet as The Joker — a voice he debuted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995) and recently used in the R-rated animated film Batman: The Killing Joke.

Since so many people took notice of it and the president-elect makes a habit of responding to anything associated with him that has the people's rapt interest, it was safely assumed that Trump would eventually fire off an insult-laden tweet at the Star Wars icon. However, following Meryl Streep's anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes, Trump was too busy bashing the acting skills of the 3-time Oscar-winner to come up with a thin-skinned and vindictive response for Hamill's Trumpster.

Nevertheless, Hamill was more than happy to imagine what a deragatory tweet from Trump might look like. "Washed-up loser @HamillHimself blew chance for power by not joining father-Winds up w/ no lines in #EpVII #SAD Never liked #StarTrek anyway!" he wrote.

On top of that, Hamill also announced today that he will release a new Trumpster clip this Saturday! "Since Meryl stole mean-tweets that should've been MINE- #TheTrumpster STRIKES BACK next Saturday!"

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