NetherRealm’s Founder Teases Red Hood's Appearance In Injustice 2

Could Injustice 2 be adding Red Hood to its cast of characters? Well, nothing is certain, but it [...]

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Could Injustice 2 be adding Red Hood to its cast of characters? Well, nothing is certain, but it seems like NetherRealm Studios is toying with the idea. The studios' founder Ed Boon recent took to Twitter and sent fans into a frenzy when he asked one simple question:

"Which Red Hood do you think should be in Injustice 2?"

Alright, so it's no bombshell announcement, but gamers are already wondering whether Boon's online poll is meant to signal something bigger for Injustice 2. Many are analyzing the question's wording, indicating that Boon's decision to omit the phrase 'should the character be added' as a good sign.

Still, I wouldn't be too hopeful just yet. Injustice 2 has made a big deal out of announcing its initial character line-up, so it'd be strange for Boon to roll out Red Hood's involvement so casually. Regardless of how Red Hood might show up, fans would certainly be glad to have him whether it's through future DLC or not. After all, Warner Bros. Interactive has said the game will feature several additional DLC characters post-release.

But, should Red Hood show up, who would be behind the mask? That's the question Boon is trying to find out with his poll, and so far, fans seemed to be all in favor of Jason Todd filling in the persona.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Red Hood has been used by both the Joker and Jason Todd. Prior to the Joker adopting his clownish look, the character sported Red Hood's headgear as a small-time criminal before he fell into the vat of chemicals that helped him become the insane Clown Prince of Crime. Jason Todd, who was formerly known as Robin, then took up the mantle after the Joker 'murdered' him and chose to use his new identity to taunt Batman's mercilessly.

So far, Injustice 2 has confirmed several DC all-stars will be available when it launches next year. If you want to check out the current list of playable characters, you can read it below:

  1. Aquaman
  2. Atrocitus
  3. Batman
  4. Blue Beetle
  5. The Flash
  6. Gorilla Grodd
  7. Supergirl
  8. Superman
  9. Wonder Woman
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