'Nightwing' Director Gives Casting Update

DC fans know how important casting is when it comes to superheroes. Bringing in the wrong star to take on a character can derail even the most iconic franchise (George Clooney, anyone?), so DC Films is taking its time with projects like Nightwing.

So, if you were hoping Warner Bros. had cast Dick Grayson, then think again.

Over on Twitter, Chris McKay gave fans an update about Nightwing's casting process. The director said he wanted to keep DCEU die-hards from having heart attack, so he let the following update drop:

"No one has been cast yet. We are taking our time. We are going to cast a wide net because we need to find the perfect person," McKay wrote.

"We need to get the script right. We need this to [sic] movie to blow your mind."

For fans, the update is reassuring if not a bit disappointing. Some gun-ho Nightwing fans had hoped to get more information about the film sooner rather than later, but McKay doesn't want his team to get ahead of itself. Warner Bros. is busy enough with Justice League, and Aquaman has all but finished production. Shazam! also entered pre-production as of late, so Dick Grayson has plenty of time to get his bearings before heading to theaters.

McKay's casting debunking also puts to rest a persistent rumor regarding Nightwing. Netizens have been collecting evidence which seemed to indicate Finn Wittrock's casting as Dick Grayson, but it looks like that's not the case. The actor may be one of the people caught up in McKay's wide net, but the American Horror Story actor has not nabbed the role just yet.

The Nightwing movie, directed by Chris McKay, is expected to start shooting in 2018 for a February 2019 release.


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