Nightwing's Greatest Asset Gets Celebrated for National Superhero Day

The mythos of superhero stories have contributed a lot of elements over the years, ranging from the incredibly serious to the more lighthearted fare. Among those is one of the biggest character quirks surrounding Dick Grayson / Nightwing — particularly, fans' fixation with his butt. The debate about it has spun out into Nightwing's various film and television appearances, and has also spawned some delightful pieces of art. DC decided to acknowledge the phenomenon in an endearing way, sharing a piece of art of Nightwing standing in front of a cake that spotlights his own butt.

Nightwing movie project has been tied to The LEGO Batman Movie's Chris McKay, who would direct the film with a script written by The Accountant's Bill Dubuque. In recent years McKay has indicated that there is no a "firm commitment" from Warner Bros. in making the movie, but he hopes his version of the project can happen.

"Nightwing is still a movie that I really want to do. I love the character of Dick Grayson as a young adult, becoming his own kind of superhero character," McKay told Variety in 2021. "That was gonna be a father and son story and also a revenge movie, which I was really excited about because there's a lot going on in that script. It was gonna be really primal and pared down and like a real red meat movie in the best way."

"I hope that it's something that we can still make. It has not been a priority these days; I'm hoping that it will become the priority soon," McKay added. "That'd be my favorite thing to come out of all of this stuff."

In recent months, fans have speculated and campaigned for Dylan O'Brien to portray the character, either in the upcoming Batgirl HBO Max film or in the Nightwing solo movie. While the former possibility has seemingly been debunked, that hasn't stopped O'Brien from commenting on the possibility.

"In the way that I want to approach my career, I just don't think it would benefit what I want to do, nor do I think it's interesting to me," O'Brian told The Hollywood Reporter of joining a superhero franchise. "Why can't I be disinterested in those things? It's just not what I'm into, and it's not what I'm interested in doing with my career and job. I'm also not closed to anything. I would entertain everything. But also, those things are a big life change as well. I don't think people think about that a lot. It's a really big commitment. So all that stuff goes into it." 

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