Oliver & Felicity Getting Back Together On Arrow

When it comes to CW’s Arrow, perhaps its most contentious plot-point resides in the advent of [...]

(Photo: CW)

When it comes to CW's Arrow, perhaps its most contentious plot-point resides in the advent of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak's relationship. While their shippers would say, "Long Live Olicity," other fans of CW's show would be glad to see Felicity permanently step out of Team Arrow. Depending on which side you're on, however, will likely determine how you react to breaking Arrow news from Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2016.

You guessed it. According to David Ramsey, Oliver and Felicity are getting back together.

During a panel at HVFF, Ramsey spoke with fans about his position on the show and where his character, Diggle, would venture in Season 5. However, he did take a moment to tease Olicity shippers that their OTP wasn't dead yet. According to a tweet by @fangirlishness, David told them, "We can expect death, mayhem, AND OLIVER AND FELICITY GETTING BACK TOGETHER!"

For fans of Arrow, they'll likely remember Season 4 as one which jerked Oliver and Felicity's relationship all over the place. The couple started out happy enough with Felicity living a cutesy domestic life with her vigilante beau before the duo return home to Starling (Star) City. Everything then proceeded to fall apart for the two as Felicity was eventually shot and paralyzed before some science know-how allowed her to walk again. However, that good news didn't last long as another threat came to destroy Olicity's relationship: Oliver's secret son. Unable to trust Oliver following the revelation, Felicity decided to end her engagement with Green Arrow before she eventually returned to the team following Black Canary's tragic death.

The end of Season 4 left Olicity fans hopeful for a seemingly inevitable reunion with the couple. Fans of Oliver and Laurel's relationship, however, wanted to see the relationship end for good as many comics fans felt betrayed by Black Canary's shocking death. Much like Lois Lane and Clark Kent, Green Arrow and Black Canary are a defacto couple within the DC Universe, and so brutual shipping wars broke out between Arrow's divided supporters.

However, if Ramsey's words are taken as is, it looks like Olicity shippers will be vindicated soon enough if Oliver and Felicity get their act together. But, in true comic fashion, don't be too surprised if the contested relationship takes awhile to get back off the ground.

After all, Ramsey never said the ship would set sail in Season 5 anyways.