Peacemaker Star Wants Prequel Series Focusing on Polka-Dot Man

Peacemaker debuted on HBO Max last week with the first three episodes of The Suicide Squad spin-off series now streaming and new episodes arriving on Thursdays to continue the story of John Cena's titular character. And while fans are loving the new series, there's another The Suicide Squad character that Steve Agee, who appears as John Economos in both that film and in Peacemaker, would love to see get a prequel series: David Dastmalchian's Polka-Dot Man. Speaking with Looper, Agee said he'd love to work with Dastmalchian again not just because they're friends, but because of how nuanced the character is.

"I got to say, Dave Dastmalchian is probably my best friend in real life," Agee said. "We've known each other for a while now. It was just amazing that James put us both in the same movie. I would love to, much like you, somehow see Polka-Dot Man used again maybe in a prequel, but I would love to work with Polka-Dot Man. I'd love to work with Dave just as a friend, but I thought the character of Polka-Dot Man was so deep and nuanced, that I would love to somehow work with Polka-Dot man again — as a selfish person wanting to work with my friend again, but also, I thought the character was amazing."

A prequel would be the only way a Polka-Dot Man story would work as the character sadly died in The Suicide Squad but considering that the character became a fan-favorite it's a story that Agee is likely not alone in wanting to see told. 

"I can tell you that my character Abner is someone who has lived a lifetime with a lot of pain, a lot of shame, a lot of solitude because of a condition that he has," Dastmalchian said of his character previously. "That condition was something that he decided at a certain point in time would be best suited to hurt other people or at least perform acts of crime, so that he could get some vengeance against a cruel and unfair world. Things haven't gone great in Abner's life basically since day one, so as we find him entering this story, he's somebody that has never been a part of anything, so even in a bunch of really broken misfits and criminals, he's maybe found one of the first moments in his life where he's a part of something."

The first three episodes of Peacemaker are now streaming on HBO Max.

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