Possible Evil Speedster Shows Up On The Flash Season 3 Set

Flash Black Racer

New pieces of The Flash's third season continue to come to light. Recently it was revealed that Wally West would finally be getting his Kid Flash costume, wearing the red and yellow colors seen in the comics.

Now new photos of the set have surfaced (via Screencrush), where we see Keiynan Lonsdale's West walking alongside another other new speedster decked out in black and orange In one of the photos Wally can be seen on the bad side of an altercation with the new villain, as Grant Gustin (Barry) finds him in a dumpster.

That new character will be played by Vampire Diaries Todd Lasance, and while the character hasn't been officially announced, his look is awfully close to the New 52 version of the Black Racer. The Black Racer has a death touch that can topple even the most powerful of foes, so if it is indeed him, I'll be interested to see how they integrate him into the show. Perhaps he is chasing Barry as a consequence for messing with the timeline.


Season three of The Flash is taking on fan favorite storyline Flashpoint, which kickstarted when Barry saved his mother at the end of Season two. The Flash is set to return later this year.