Robert Pattinson Says He's Trying to Avoid Batman Nicknames

Robert Pattinson is once again stepping into the spotlight of blocbuster movie stardom - perhaps [...]

Robert Pattinson is once again stepping into the spotlight of blocbuster movie stardom - perhaps the biggest spotlight there is. By signing on to play the titular role in Matt Reeves' The Batman, Pattinson has invited all of the scrutiny that comes with the iconic DC Comics role, and the actor knows that better than anybody.

Speaking with ET recently, Pattinson addressed one aspect of the Batman role that any actor has to deal with: his official unofficial nickname within in the fandom. So far, Pattinson's Batman has nicknames like "RBatz" and "Battinson" floating around the Internet; however, as Pattinson tells it, he's hoping to avoid the issue altogether: "I don't know ... I'm trying to avoid... avoiding nicknames."

Of course, Pattinson's hope to be the Batman with no nickname is a doomed one - mostly because he happens to be the one actor who started getting nicknames earlier than any other, due to the fact that his casting leaked so early on in the process of consideration. There's also the fact that Pattinson has a history of nicknames already under him (see: "RPatz"), thanks to his previous time in the mainstream limelight, as Edward in the Twilight series. That connection makes it all but impossible for the actor to go without a whole slew of nicknames for his Batman character - the really question is which one(s) will fans rally around?

For our part, "RBatz" works best from the standpoint of those who will be typing this nickname out for the next few years. Just saying.

Some supposed plot details for Matt Reeves' The Batman recently leaked online. You can see what angle the film is supposedly going for, below:

"The Batman will explore a detective case — when people start dying in strange ways, Batman must go deep into the dark world of Gotham to find clues and solve the mystery/conspiracy connected to Gotham City's history and criminals," claims scooper Daniel Richtman in a YouTube video. "In the film, all of Batman Rogues Gallery are already out there and active, similar to the comics and animated shows/movies. The film will have multiple villains, as they are all suspects."

With The Batman seeming to be the first live-action Batman movie to really dig deep into the character's nature as the World's Greatest Detective, there is the chance for Pattinson to get a nickname that truly distinguishes him.

Upcoming DC movies include Joker on October 4th, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) on February 7, 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 on June 5, 2020, The Batman on June 25, 2021, The Suicide Squad on August 6, 2021, and Aquaman 2on December 16, 2022.