The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Signs First-Look Deal With Warner Bros.

The next Bruce Wayne is making a bit of a home for himself at Warner Bros. Robert Pattinson is set [...]

The next Bruce Wayne is making a bit of a home for himself at Warner Bros. Robert Pattinson is set to star as the titular DC hero in The Batman, from director Matt Reeves, which hits theaters in 2022, but he's now looking at his partnership with the studio behind the film as a way to invest in his future. Warner Bros. announced on Monday that it had signed a first-look production deal with Pattinson, meaning that it will have the first chance at any projects Pattinson takes on as a producer.

This is the first producer deal that Pattinson has signed, and it comes on the heels of two different Warner Bros. production. He starred in Christopher Nolan's Tenet, which arrived over the summer, and followed that production with a turn in the cape and cowl for Reeves.

Pattinson's new deal will cover theatrical, SVOD, and television opportunities, meaning there will be opportunities in all entertainment avenues, including on the HBO Max streaming service.

"Warner Bros Pictures and HBO have always been synonymous with groundbreaking filmmaking," Pattinson said, "I'm thrilled to be working with them to discover the most exciting new voices in film and television and help bring their visions to life. I've loved working with the studio over the years and have so much respect for their dedication, their willingness to take chances and their desire to push the envelope creatively."

"We have been incredibly impressed with Rob's eye for identifying dynamic new filmmakers," said Courtenay Valenti, President, Production and Development for Warner Bros. Pictures, and Richard Brener, President & Chief Creative Officer of New Line Cinema. "Additionally, he is continually nurturing exciting story ideas into compelling screenplays. We are so excited that Warner Bros. and New Line will be his home and that we get to benefit from his creative, commercial passions."

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a production deal, so it has no bearing on Pattinson's future as an actor. Yes, it does mean that his relationship with Warner Bros. is a good one and that he will surely be taking on more roles with the company going forward, but be careful about reading too deeply how this deal affects his tenure as Batman. That's its own contract.

Regardless, Pattinson's name is going to be popping up quite a bit on various Warner Bros. projects over the next few years.

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