Adam Brody Says Shazam!'s Justice League Mortal Connection Was a Coincidence

Adam Brody and D.J. Cotrona were previously set to be an integral part of the DC Films universe, [...]

Adam Brody and D.J. Cotrona were previously set to be an integral part of the DC Films universe, when they were cast as The Flash and Superman in George Miller's Justice League Mortal. While that film was scrapped in the middle of production, both actors recently got a second chance to star in a DC film, playing two of the grown-up members of the Shazam! family. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brody spoke about Shazam!'s connection to Justice League Mortal, and whether or not his and Cotrona's casting was meant to be a deliberate throwback to the previously-scrapped film.

"I've also been asked if it was at all purposeful to cast me and D.J. Cotrona because we were in Justice League: Mortal... Fuck no, it was a great coincidence, but in no way was there any forethought about that." Brody, who played the grown-up version of Freddy Freeman, explained. "From what you've just said, I've heard that reaction a lot. I've seen it on Twitter a lot. A lot of people have watched that movie and felt, 'When is Seth Cohen going to show up?' It seems to be a good thing. From what I've heard or gathered, it's a very nice match and in fact, a lot of people seem to be patting themselves on the back for guessing — in a good way."

This echoes comments that Shazam!'s director previously made, revealing that he only made the connection to the scrapped film after the fact.

"We sort of realized afterwards that both Adam Brody and D.J. Cotrona were cast in George Miller's Justice League: Mortal, the movie that almost happened," director David F. Sandberg said in an interview earlier this year. "Adam Brody was The Flash and D.J. was Superman. So, afterwards, we said, 'Oh, shit! They finally get to be superheroes in a DC movie…' They didn't even know they were auditioning for superheroes."

Brody also revealed when he initially learned that Cotrona, who played the grown-up Pedro Pena, was cast in the film.

"I got a head's up when I got cast." Brody revealed. "My agent told me. So, that was exciting."

"When I first bumped into him at the airport on the way up to Toronto, I think he was talking to our lead stunt guy from ten years ago, an Australian guy [Kyle Gardiner] and he was headed up to Toronto with D.J." Brody added. "But, funnily enough, [Kyle] was also gonna be D.J.'s stunt double as Superman ten years ago. So, they knew each other from the George Miller thing as well. So, a little Justice League reunion."

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