Warner Bros. Celebrates Smallville 20th Anniversary

Smallville is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and Warner Bros. decided to call [...]

Smallville is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and Warner Bros. decided to call attention to the series. With all the love being heaped on Superman & Lois lately, a lot of people have been thinking about Tom Welling's turn as Clark Kent. If that weren't enough reason to turn back the clock, seeing the hero on-screen as his character again in Crisis on Infinite Earths was a big moment for fans too. (They also got to see Erica Durance as Lois Lane too!) A lot of fans wonder if they could ever see the actor pick up the mantle again, but it seems unlikely at this point. Popping into the massive CW crossover seemed like a gesture of goodwill for the fans, but probably not too much more than that. (Anyone hoping for more Smallville should check out Smallville Season 11 on the DC Comics side, you'll see a lot more of that universe's Superman.) Check out their tweet down below.

The series star also talked to Entertainment Weekly about life after being Clark Kent back in 2017. There was some key insight into the creative team's approach in those memories.

"It was something that we discussed before we ever shot the pilot with [creators] Al [Gough] and Miles [Millar]. We literally had a sit down where we talked about the show and I asked about the suit and the tights and the flying, and they said, 'No, absolutely not,' part of the reason being is that show is about a teenager trying to figure out who he is,'" Welling offered. "They felt that once Clark put on the cape and the suit, life became too easy, in a sense. They wanted to focus on who this character was before that."

"It was literally something that the entire series was behind in not doing that," he added. "We did things on that show where we didn't call them powers, we called them abilities — you weren't allowed to say powers; you just weren't because Clark didn't know they were powers, he just knew he had those abilities, so little things like kept us grounded and kept us faced onto the story we were telling about this character, not what he could do with these abilities."

"Our series finale was supposed to be, in the first act, Clark puts on the suit and flies around, saves Lois on a plane, and does this other stuff," the star also mentioned. "It was a call that I had with Peter Roth, who is the head of Warner Bros. Television, who's a good friend of mine and we have a great relationship. I said, 'That's not our show, Peter.' He's like, 'No, it's going to be great," and I go, 'Yeah, but just think about what we've been doing. If we just jump into that, we haven't earned it.'"

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