DC's Stargirl: Meg DeLacy Teases Cindy's Eclipso Plans, Recruiting a New ISA

At the end of DC's Stargirl's first season, Cindy Burman retrieved Eclipso's black diamond and [...]

At the end of DC's Stargirl's first season, Cindy Burman retrieved Eclipso's black diamond and seemingly disappeared — in the show's Season 2 premiere the members of the JSA assume that Cindy was among the casualties when Injustice Society's facility collapsed. Soon enough, however, it was revealed that Cindy is very much alive and well and determined to put together her own team with Injustice Unlimited. But where has Cindy been in the months since the ISA's defeat? According to Meg DeLacy, she's been doing her research off on a very specific remote island.

In an interview with ComicBook.com ahead of Tuesday night's episode, DeLacy explained that Cindy has been hard at work getting ready to move forward and build her own version of the ISA now that the team her father was part of is now gone.

"So, Cindy has been, she got the diamond and she went off to this remote island called the Diablo Island," DeLacy said. "And she's been doing a lot of just research on the backstory of the ISA, more backstory of the JSA, what they stand for, the rise and fall of both. And trying to just work on this relationship with Eclipso, It's someone new. She wants to make sure that they're on the same page and gain respect from this mysterious being in this diamond. So, she's just been kind of sitting with that and really kind of laying out the guidelines on how to recruit this team and create a badass family of people that emulate the type of ISA her dad was in."

And for Cindy, creating that family is very important to her because a real family is something she lacked and is a driving factor for why, when presented with a way out, Cindy still chose a darker path.

"I think she chose the darker path because that's all she really knows," DeLacy said. "All she wanted was love from her dad all Season 1 and she was just treated like an experiment, never a daughter, never a child, never a teenager going through all the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. And so she's a little angry and she's a little like this is what I know to be true. And now this girl Courtney comes into Blue Valley and there's this kid trying to take over everything. And it's like, no, I was first. We had a plan. You came and messed up that plan, therefore, you're my enemy now. So, she's angry."

DC's Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Summer School: Chapter Two" will air tonight, Tuesday, August 17th.