Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow Goatee


Let's be honest, Arrow could go down as the world's greatest comic book show of all-time, if only Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen would sport that sexy, blond goatee his fictional counterpart wears in the comics.

Amell has said time and time again, it won't happen on Arrow. Last July, he tried to put the goatee requests to rest with this tweet: "100% no. Never. Our show could go 14 seasons and a goatee will never appear. Hope that clears things up. Forever."

To be fair, Arrow has a well-crafted formula that utilizes flashbacks to Oliver's youthful days, so it would be nearly impossible for Amell to grow out a beard, or it would look odd if he wore fake facial hair, for the present-day sequences.

However, earlier this year, Amell did wear a bushy, gray beard for an episode of DC's Legend Legends of Tomorrow. It was Oliver thirty years from now and in an alternate future that no longer exists, though it didn't satiate the pro-goatee contingent.

Now it looks like Amell will indeed have a goatee. On Saturday, he posted a photo on his official Facebook page, showing a beard taking root across his chiseled chin. The caption reads, "The beard moves along."

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8PM on The CW.



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