Suicide Squad Director Weighs In On Marvel Vs DC Competition

Ready, steady, fight to the death? For many fans, the rivalry between Marvel and DC is the stuff [...]

Ready, steady, fight to the death? For many fans, the rivalry between Marvel and DC is the stuff of legend. Both new and old fans have already started to stan the studios with impressive loyalty, leading some diehards to completely ignore either Marvel or DC in favor of their favorite company. Just earlier this week, DC fans prematurely celebrated after Suicide Squad director David Ayer shouted "F**k Marvel" at the film's premiere. But, now, the celebrated filmmaker is sharing some very different opinions in a brand-new interview.

Stefan Pape from Hey U Guys sat down with the director for an interview and asked Ayer about his thoughts on the studios' rivalry. Referencing Ayer's enthusiastic love of DC, he asks, "In all seriousness, is there a kind of sense of competition amongst the studios?

Leaning forward, Ayer answers, "Well, I think that's part of the fun of this. You know it's a little bit like football squads. You get to root for your team." Ayer then went on to say, "Some people root for both teams." And, clearly, he's not wrong about that.

This year alone, Marvel Studios has gone head-to-head against DC Entertainment's as both companies have released films this year. So far, Suicide Squad is already looking like it'll be a massive hit despite its negative reviews, but DC's earlier debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suffered greatly from its harshly panned plot. In fact, many DC fans are now protesting the studio's unfair reviews as many of them are pointing to Marvel Studio's flattering press coverage. With Captain America: Civil War standing tall with a +$1 billion global grossing, it's clear that the two cinematic universe are directly competing with one another. But, to be honest, a little healthy competition never hurt nobody. Right?

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In fact, it should hopefully do the opposite. After all, if everything goes well, the rivalry should only make both studios better with time. And, if all else fails, I'm sure Wonder Woman and The Justice League will have something to say to Marvel when the films eventually drop.