Supergirl Brings Back Chris Wood, Jeremy Jordan For Series Finale

The CW's Supergirl may be ending, but that doesn't mean they can't throw a heck of a praty on the [...]

The CW's Supergirl may be ending, but that doesn't mean they can't throw a heck of a praty on the way out the door. In spite of scheduling, COVID, and all the other things that might stand in the way, the Arrowverse's first Kryptonian will be welcoming back Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) for its upcoming series finale. The network has yet to confirm their appearances, but set photos have spotted both actors on set -- and it's not like they were just popping in to say goodbye to old friends. Wood was spotted wearing his red-and-blue super-suit, and Jordan his Legion of Super-Heroes costume.

The pair are seen alongside Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), in formation to face off against...well, something. We'll have to see who the final boss is once the series is back up and running.

You can see a clip of Wood on set with Benoist below.

This will likely fan the flames of a popular fan theory that Supergirl might end with Kara and Mon-El leaving together for the future, allowing her a happily-ever-after while setting the stage for a new era of the Legion. It would also provide Superman & Lois and the other DC series on the network an excuse to explain why they don't call Kara for help when things get ugly. While a vocal contingent of Supergirl fans want to see the heroine eventually end up in a romantic relationship with Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), that's all based on subtext and chemistry between the characters. The actual text of the series has generally pointed to Mon-El being the closest thing Kara has found to a soulmate.

"At this point, we don't have plans for Mon-El to return but if it takes us there..." co-showrunner Robert Rovner said back in March. "We love Chris. He's part of the Supergirl family, but at the moment, we don't have plans for him to return."

After being teased in the Season 1 finale, the Daxamite prince Mon-El first debuted in the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl having arrived on Earth in a Kryptonian escape pod. After a bit of a rough start, Mon-El and Kara become friends, and then romantic partners thought that was unfortunately cut short when the heroes had to disperse lead in the atmosphere to stop a Daxamite invasion and Kara send Mon-El away in a Kryptonian pod. He later appeared again in Season 3, arriving from the future where he had become part of the Legion of Super-Heroes (and was married to Imra Ardeen). He was last seen in the series' 100th episode, Season 5's "It's a Super Life" fighting Reign in an alternate timeline.

Supergirl will return with new episodes on Tuesday, August 24.