'Supergirl' Showrunner Teases "Challenging" Dynamic For Kara and Lena

In Supergirl's last episode before going on a nine-week hiatus, Lena Luthor realized that her [...]

In Supergirl's last episode before going on a nine-week hiatus, Lena Luthor realized that her friend and employee Sam was really the Worldkiller, Reign. Now, with Supergirl returning on Monday, it sounds like that knowledge as well as other secrets may cause issues between Lena and Kara.

In an interview with TV Line, co-showrunner Jessica Queller said that the situation with Sam (Odette Annable) sets up something of a triangle between the friends, one that creates a "challenging" dynamic for Lena (Katie McGrath) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) -- as well as her Supergirl identity.

"One thing that we play a lot with in the upcoming episodes is the triangle between Lena, Kara, and Supergirl, because Lena has a very different relationship with Kara Danvers than she does with Supergirl," Queller said. "Something we had never played before that we are really examining and excited about in the upcoming episodes is that Lena and Supergirl are at odds about certain things and a bit angry with one another, but Lena and Kara are best friends. Lena feels the closest to Kara of anyone in the world, so then Kara is suddenly in this position where is sort of living two lives with one of her best friends. And although we've always had to see Supergirl maintain a dual identity, it's very personal when it comes to Lena, and it's very challenging for Kara, and so we're really interested in that dynamic."

But it's not just Reign that could create issues between Kara and Lena. There have been previous times when Lena's work has come into conflict with Supergirl. Last season, when Lena created a device to determine if someone was human or not, she encouraged Kara to test it out. It's a moment that could have outed Kara as an alien, but also completely ruined their friendship before it really began. Now, it sounds like something that Lena is working on now will lead to a difficult confrontation between the two women who, in any other circumstance, are close friends.

"In an upcoming episode, there's a big reveal that Lena has something in her lab that will enrage Supergirl and the DEO, and it turns into an epic battle of wills between the two women, Lena and Supergirl," Queller said. "I wouldn't want to miss it."

The idea of a triangle where Kara is technically two sides of it is something that McGrath herself teased late last year. McGrath told TV Line then that it is important that Lena not know Kara is Supergirl, even if that creates a complicated situation.

"I think it's important for Kara to have someone she doesn't have to be Supergirl with," McGrath said. "If Lena knew the truth, she'd always be Supergirl. And she needs to be Kara. That's what this whole season is about, her struggling with her humanity."

Humanity is something that it sounds like not just Kara will be struggling with. The show returns with Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) dealing with the apparent death of his father, Winslow Schott Sr./Toyman and the arrival of Mary McGowan (Laurie Metcalf), Winn's mother. As we've seen in promos for Monday's episode "Schott Through the Heart" this father's death and nefarious deeds may see Winn call his own humanity and non-evil status into question.

Supergirl returns Monday, April 16th at 8/7c on The CW.

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