Kevin Smith Attended Supergirl Star's Melissa Benoist's Wedding, Cried Over Vows

Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood got married over Labor Day weekend in a ceremony at [...]

Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood got married over Labor Day weekend in a ceremony at a private estate in Ojai, California that was attended by their families and closer friends. Among those in attendance was filmmaker Kevin Smith who has directed several episodes of The CW Arrowverse series and, according to Smith, the nuptials were so beautiful that the wedding moved him to tears.

During a recent episode of Smith's Hollywood Babble-On, Smith spoke about the Benoist-Wood wedding, praising it for being both visually beautiful as well as emotionally stunning as well, thanks in large part to Woods and Benoist's personal vows.

"This is my second wedding in a week, in a month, but really in a week. I went to, I was very fortunate enough to go to Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood's wedding last weekend which was Supergirl and Mon-El," Smith said. "The, hands down, most romantic wedding I've ever been to. It was beautiful, looked like it was art directed within an inch of its life, but it was just outside, they used nature and sh-t like that. But they wrote their own vows and I knew his would be good because he's real clever, he's a funny dude, he's good with a turn of phrase. I've read scripts that he's wrote and he's a really f-king clever writer. I knew he'd write something powerful. I figured Melissa, she's used to doing other people's dialogue and stuff like that she'd not be as f-king strong as Chris because she's not known as a writer. She f-king wrote some beautiful vows, bro. I was f-king bawling and you know I cry at the f-king drop of a...I cry watching Supergirl the show, but it was f-king beautiful."

Smith went on to describe their wedding as "transcendent" and note that he's never seen two other people more made for one another.

"Those two love," Smith said. "In my whole life I don't think I've ever met two people where I'm like oh my god they're literally made for each other. It was so f-king transcendent."

Benoist and Wood first announced their engagement six months ago with a photo on Instagram, but as fans of Supergirl know, the pair met when Wood joined the series' cast, playing the Daxamite prince Mon-El. Mon-El became the on-screen love interest of Benoist's Supergirl/Kara Danvers but that romance moved into real life during the spring of 2017 when the pair were spotted kissing during a trip to Mexico. While Mon-El and Supergirl's on-screen relationship came to an end when Mon-El was forced to leave Earth at the end of the show's second season (and subsequently returned in Season 3, having ended up in a distant future where he married a fellow future hero), Benoist and Wood's relationship continued to bloom. Benoist's post to Instagram announcing her engagement in February had a simple, heartfelt caption: "yes yes yes it will always be yes".

Supergirl returns for its fifth season Sunday, October 6th at 9/8c on The CW.