Kevin Smith to Direct 'Supergirl' Season 4 Episode

When the DC Comics universe returns to The CW this fall, they will be bringing back one familiar [...]

When the DC Comics universe returns to The CW this fall, they will be bringing back one familiar talent to help tell the new adventures of Supergirl.

Kevin Smith revealed that he's returning to direct a new episode for the Girl of Steel's fourth season, in a year where Kara Danvers will go up against anti-metahuman sentiments, new villains, and a former ally of Lex Luthor.

"I go up to Supergirl, when is it? I'm doing Episode Four," Smith said on the latest episode of Fat Man on Batman. "I'm doing an episode, I shouldn't say which one because I don't think we've announced it yet."

Smith was joined by Supergirl writer Eric Carrasco, who has collaborated with Smith before on his episodes for the series. The director just had to get a jab in at Disney for their recent headlines having to do with James Gunn.

"I could still get fired if they dig through my tweets," Smith said to laughs, though he was probably only half joking.

Smith said he would be going up to Vancouver to film his episode in September, and it will be his fourth episode on the series.

Despite the health scare that nearly claimed his life in February earlier this year, Smith has been a busy man. The pilot episode for his series Hollyweed just debuted online on the crowdfunding streaming platform Rivit TV, giving fans the opportunity to donate money to see more episodes.

And now he's getting ready for his return to the Arrowverse with a brand new episode of Supergirl.

As Smith said in the podcast, the theme for Season Four is being teases as a rise of vigilantes in National City, though there will be plenty of villains for them to fight as well.

Manchester Black and Agent Liberty will be making their way to the series, as well as the recently announced Mercy Graves. Played by Rhona Mitra, Mercy Graves is Lex Luthor's former bodyguard. Since Lex has been in prison, Mercy will have risen in the ranks of human-first circles and will galvanize their forces to take down Supergirl.

We'll get to see how Kara Danvers (and Kevin Smith) tackle these problems when Supergirl returns to the CW later this fall. The series is set to premiere on October 14th.