'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Suspicious Minds"

'Suspicious Minds' starts with Kara's doppelganger continuing her training in Kaznia.In National [...]

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"Suspicious Minds" starts with Kara's doppelganger continuing her training in Kaznia.

In National City, Kara and is in a spin class with Lena and the two talk about the latter's fledgling relationship with James Olsen. Kara overhears a distress call and pretends to be hurt to get out of class and help out.

She arrives and finds a group of soldiers knocked unconscious on some sort of freightliner. After some investigation, she stumbles across a makeshift bomb, to which so throws in the air only for it to explode.

She's debriefing Colonel Haley, who accosts Kara for arriving on the scene to help out even though she's been fired from the DEO. Kara flies off, telling Haley that she's never going to stop being a hero.

It's revealed J'onn has started his own private investigation business and Brainy visits him to see how his business is going. Brainy says he needs to hire J'onn to use his services to help out Kara. J'onn refuses to take Brainy's money and offers to help out pro bono, should Kara ask.

At the DEO, Haley is venting her frustrations of Kara to Alex, who's talking to her sister through text message. Haley informs Alex that she's going to begin interrogating Agent Wolfe in an effort to take Supergirl's true identity.

Alex calls a secret meeting with all of the agents at the DEO who know Supergirl's secret identity. The group of agents agree to side with Alex and do anything in their power to not reveal who Supergirl is to Colonel Haley.

Alex finds out that the Navy SEAL taken to the DEO after the attack earlier in the day has suddenly disappeared from DEO facilities. Brainy reveals that there's no record of the patient whatsoever. The elder Danvers goes to speak with her sister and informs her that Haley is doing whatever she can do to uncover the secret identity of Supergirl.

Lena walks into James' office in an attempt to speak with him about their relationship. She informs him that she's now willing to listen and encourages to reveal whatever's on his mind. James reveals that he now understands what it means to make the hard choices that Lena has had to made. Lena's relieved to find that out and the two kiss.

Brainy calls Nia to ask her out on a date. In the middle of making plans, Colonel Haley butts in and requests Brainy's presence in a questioning session.

Kara goes to visit J'onn at his new office, where she debriefs him on the ship attack. Together, the two look over J'onn's old files and find out that the government is covering up the attack, for whatever reason. They do more digging and find out that Colonel Haley is somehow involved with the mission the ship was on.

Kara calls Alex to inform her and the two go with J'onn to question General Tan, one of those accused of covering it up. There, they find out the government stumbled across a new species of aliens called moirai. With the alien's cloaking ability, the government decided to try and train them as assassins.

As they're talking about it, the group is attacked by two moirai. J'onn and Tan lead one of them on a chase while the other is stopped by Kara and Alex. After Kara tells the alien they want to take them into the DEO for safekeeping, the moirai kills itself. Tan ends up being killed.

Alex returns to the DEO to confront Haley about her cover-up on Project Moirai. Alex is furious that the alien killed itself at the mention of Haley's name. Haley brushes Alex off and orders her to prepare the DEO for an assault from the remaining Moirai.

Brainy and Nia go out for dinner and as the two chat, Brainy asks her to help Kara out with her super powers. Nia mentions that she's not sure whether or not she's willing to be a part of a super team. After Brainy tells her a quick story, he gives Nia a binder full of costume ideas and code name possibilities.

Later that night, James and Lena are working on cooking dinner when Lena unveils her latest science project. She reveals that she was trying to find a cure for cancer but instead, found out a way to give people super powers. James tells her he supports her scientific efforts.

At the DEO, the group prepares for an impending assault by from the moirai. Against Alex's wishes, Colonel Haley orders the DEO agents to use lethal force when the aliens arrive.

Frustrated, Alex calls her sister and tells her that she plans on resigning from the DEO because she can't work alongside her new superior. When Alex goes to confront Haley, we find out that one of the agents caved and told her Supergirl's real identity. Just as Haley reveals the news, the DEO's alarms begin going off signaling the arrival of the moirai.

The power shuts off and Brainy's laser beam grid disappears. One of the morai is able to get in and start attacking the agents while the other is shot to death. The alive moirai begins dragging Haley away but Kara flies in to rescue her superior.

After Kara imprisons the moirai, Haley informs Kara that her public life is now dead. Haley is in the process of explaining how Kara is now an agent of the government and must do whatever she says when Alex steps up and knocks her boss out with a punch.

Kara and Alex imprison a knocked-out Haley in one of the cells. They call J'onn to the DEO and ask him to wipe her mind. Although hesitant at first, J'onn agrees to wipe Haley's mind of anything to do with Supergirl.

The next day, Brainy notices that the DEO is using truth-seeking aliens in their interrogation techniques. Realizing they can't stop Haley from ultimately finding out unless everyone's mind is wiped. Brainy reveals that unless Alex's mind is wiped too, there's 100% certainty Haley will eventually find out. Despite Kara's objections, Alex decides to go forward with the memory loss process.

Unable to watch, Kara storms out of J'onn's office and J'onn wipes the minds of all DEO agents that know of Supergirl's true identity.