'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: Lex Luthor Plots Supergirl's Destruction in "House of L"

Last week, Lex Luthor made his debut on Supergirl. After manipulating the prison system, his [...]

supergirl house of l
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Last week, Lex Luthor made his debut on Supergirl. After manipulating the prison system, his sister, and even having James Olsen shot, the iconic villain managed to cure himself of cancer and escape from custody, departing the Luthor mansion with Otis Graves presumable to wreak havoc on aliens he sees as a threat to his own power -- especially Kryptonians. Tonight, we'll find out more about what Lex is up to as well as just how he's gotten to this point in "House of L".

Warning: Full spoilers for Supergirl beyond this point.

The episode kicks off right where last week ended, with Lex and Supergirl meeting in the skies. Lex activates something on his watch and jumps from the helicopter. His Lexosuit quickly assembles around him letting him fly off. Supergirl pursues, leading to a fight on the roof of the Daily Planet building where it's revealed that Lex now has powers.

Two years ago. Lex is on trial with Lena and James both testifying against him. He's revealed to be taking notes in Kryptonian at the trial and claims that Superman made him do all the horrible things he's been accused of, positioning himself as a hero to no avail. However, as the judge sentences him, she starts coughing. Everyone in the courtroom does. Lena and James flee. Lex has, apparently, killed everyone inside. Eve meets Lex. He has her apply to CatCo.

Turns out, Lex has been manipulating everything this season from behind bars by way of bribery. Lex gets a call from the Kasnian embassy that alerts him to the "copy" of Supergirl we first met in the Season 3 finale. Lex manipulates his way out of prison and in Siberia, Lex introduces himself to Red Daughter, who is crouched and hiding in a remote cabin.

Nine months ago. The Kara copy emerges from the woods in Siberia. She's brought in by Kasnian military forces who are aware of Supergirl and realize she's not her. Interestingly, this duplicate Kara's first word? Alex. The military begins to educate her, teaching her Russian and about her abilities. Later, she hears terrible things happening in that cabin from earlier and breaks out of her holding to help and she's shown to be protecting a child when Lex walks in. She thinks he's the "Alex" she's spoken of.

Back on base, Lex talks to Red Kara. He's going to help her learn and control her powers. Thinking he's her friend, she asks where she's from, but his time is up, so he doesn't answer, but tells her to learn English. Eve explains to Lex that this must be because of the Harun-El, revealing that this is Lena's doing. Lex's plan begins to be revealed: Kasnia wants to attack the US, Lex wants to "stop" it and be a hero, he even sets in motion Agent Liberty. It's all part of his plan. Red Kara reads a bunch of books Alex sends her.

When the atmosphere is seeded with Kryptonite Lex uses that time to pierce Red Kara's ears to match the real Kara and then "educates" her about Krypton and paints Supergirl to be the enemy. He claims that Supergirl is her sister, but that she has wronged her. Lex brings her to America and even brings her to Kara's apartment. Yes, Lex knows who Supergirl is. They are almost busted when Alex comes in, but she perfectly impersonates Kara. When Lex (and Alex) leaves, Linda reads Kara's journal and impersonates her a bit longer, even interacting with Lena.

Eve finds out and reveals to Lex that Red Kara is going soft, so he orchestrates the murder via American missile of the one thing that Red Kara cares about, the child she saved in the cabin. A devastated Red Kara attacks the Navy ship "responsible", angering Lex. Turns out, though, Otis spared the little boy. A few months later, it's Red Kara who is growing sick, so they need Harun-El to save her. Lex decides to give himself cancer to force Lena's hand.

Back to the present. Lex arrives in Kasnia and uses his own blood to save Red Kara. When she wakes, she agrees to follow Lex to destroy Supergirl. Lex calls her his Red Daughter and gives her a suit. She then appears in the sky above National City.