'Supergirl' Just Confirmed the Existence of SPOILER

In tonight's Supergirl, the Legion of Super-Heroes banded together to take on the threat of [...]

In tonight's Supergirl, the Legion of Super-Heroes banded together to take on the threat of Samantha Arias/Reign (Odette Annable). But could the show's playing field soon be leveled even more?

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Supergirl, "Legion of Super-Heroes", below!

In the episode's final moments, Reign returned to her Fortress of Sanctuary, meeting with the Kryptonian woman who has been helping her on her path to villainy. Reign worried how she would be able to fight against Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the Legion, but the woman suggested another option. She revealed that there are others like Reign, and that Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) will help find them.

While the word isn't used outright, this seems to hint that there are more Worldkillers, bringing Reign's story even closer to that of her comic counterpart. In the comics, Reign leads a small group of Worldkillers, all of whom end up pillaging the galaxy in search of their origin.

The three other Worldkillers are pretty varied in terms of appearance, and what powers they bring in a fight. Perrilus, a sort of lizard-Kryptonian hybrid, can use her poison tentacles to kill off entire races. Deimax, a leopard-Kryptonian hybrid, specializes in mass terrain destruction. And Flower of Heaven, who was created from a mysterious alien embryo, can manipulate energy.

(There's also a fifth Worldkiller, who doesn't really join Reign's group, and instead possesses the body of an alien ruler. But that probably won't come into play here.)

At this point, it's unknown if Supergirl's other Worldkillers will embody their comic counterparts, or take some sort of creative liberties. Although we have to admit, it'd be awesome to see The CW's award-winning VFX team bring these creatures to life. In a sense, these other Worldkillers would be uncharted territory for Supergirl, even as Annable addressed the possibility of their arrival late last year.

"So far, it's just me from what I know, but it would be cool if I was fighting and had this epic showdown and all of a sudden, my buddies came along to play," Annable said back in October. "I mean, being bad is good. It's always fun."

If the other Worldkillers do end up coming to Supergirl, it also could hint at the conflict between Reign and Supergirl taking an interesting turn. In the comics, Kara's father has a hand in creating the Worldkillers, which was a decision that he ended up deeply regretting.

As we hinted earlier this year, there's a chance that Kara's mom Alura (Erica Durance) could have helped to create the Worldkillers, something that would shift both Kara and Reign's perspectives on the whole ordeal. After all, Samantha's first transition into becoming Reign was brought on by a grotesque nightmare version of Alura.

So, could we soon see more Worldkillers on Supergirl? And could their origins signal a dark turn for the Girl of Steel? We'll will just have to say tuned to find out.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.