Supergirl Star Nicole Maines Marks the End of Filming

The CW's Supergirl will return for the remaining episodes of its sixth and final season on [...]

The CW's Supergirl will return for the remaining episodes of its sixth and final season on Tuesday, August 24 and while fans of the Arrowverse series eagerly await the show's return, its stars are saying goodbye to the characters they've brought to life during the show's run. Production on Supergirl is wrapping up and that means several of the actors have finished their work, including Dreamer actress Nicole Maines. Maines took to Twitter on Friday night to say that it's a wrap on the character, telling fans that it's "been a dream".

"That's a wrap on Dreamer," Maines says in the video. "Thanks for having me. It's been a dream."

Jon Cryer, who plays Lex Luthor on the series, shared the post as well, writing "This is killing me" about Maines' emotional video.

While all of the actors on Supergirl have consistently demonstrated a deep love and connection to their characters, Maines in particular has often spoken about how important Nia Nal/Dreamer is to her. The first live-action transgender superhero on television, the character is a groundbreaking one and Maines told earlier this year that she enjoyed getting to create in Dreamer the kind of character she would have wanted to see herself as a young trans kid.

"It has been, I cannot say this enough, so much fun to put Dreamer together and I mean, between starting to, you know, sprinkling dream puns and exploring new depths of her powers and her relationships and her growing responsibility," Maines told "I think there are so many different levels to who she is and of course, identity-wise. I think just in terms of her powers, too, you know. I think she has so much potential as a character and getting to shape that and shape her into the hero that I would have wanted when I was a young trans kid, you know, who do I want in a superhero, I want someone who's hella powerful, has a long way to go so, you know, room for growth. Is upbeat and funny and entertaining. And also, I think one of my favorite parts of Nia is it's not lost on her how amazing it is to be a superhero. And so, I think she's so fun to watch because she's having a great time when she's in the field."

Maines isn't the only Supergirl actor sharing a goodbye to their character on social media, either. David Harewood shared an Instagram Story of himself hanging up his Martian Manhunter costume one last time with a "That's all folks" caption while Julie Gonzalo shared a photo of herself in costume as Andrea Rojas/Acrata one last time on Twitter.

"And that's a wrap... thank you @TheCWSupergirl for these last two years... what a beautiful journey."

Supergirl will return with new episodes on Tuesday, August 24.