Watch Superman Fight Homelander, Omni-Man, and One-Punch Man in Epic Fan Video

Watch: Superman Fights Homelander, Omni-Man, and One-Punch Man in Epic Fan Video

Fan videos: they are totally a hit-or-miss gamble of Internet clicks, but one video that is definitely a hit is this one by Mighty Raccoon, which you can watch below. The video is a geek culture dream, combining the worlds of DC Movies, The Boys, Invincible! and One-Punch Man into one epic fan video. Superman, Omni-Man, Homelander, and Satima are the undisputed powerhouse kings of their respective franchises - but who would win if they all stepped onto the battlefield to face one another? Now the debate that has filled fan chat threads for years gets a cinematic ode worthy of its geekdom. 

The great thing about this video is just how well it captures the characteristics of each individual character in the battle. Homelander's blind arrogance makes him look down on Satima, whereas Superman and Omni-Man have the experience and/or humility to know that they should respect a powerful foe. The Superman vs. Omni-Man fight is as evenly matched (and apocalyptically destructive) fight that it inevitably would turn out to be. However, the cherry on top of this video brawl is the fact that it ends with Satima basically pwning both Superman and Omni-Man with comical ease. 

The video makers at Mighty Raccoon (Saruhan Saral) clearly understand the satirical humor of the One-Punch Man anime and manga - and deftly employ it here as means to turn what could've been an obnoxious fan argument about power levels into something much more winking and humorous that everyone can enjoy. 

While there is a clear winner to this fight (at least in the video), the various characters in the footage currently have very different statuses than what we see here. For starters, Homelander and his series The Boys are at the top of the pop-culture zeitgeist right now, despite the fact that Homelander gets dropped first in the fight. Omni-Man is a rising figure thanks to the cult-hit success of Amazon's Invincible! animated series, with a live-action movie adaptation of the character also in the works. Meanwhile, it's uncertain if Henry Cavill's Superman even has a future in the DC Movie Universe, following the stumbles that Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League all had connecting with fans. Finally, Satima was a hit character thanks to One-Punch Man - yet the second season of the anime was something of a misfire, and the franchise feels rather rocky at the moment (at least on the anime front). 

All that serious franchise talk aside, this video is just a fun distraction on a busy or stressful day. Enjoy.