Arrowverse Recasts General Lane for Superman & Lois With Nip/Tuck Actor

Nip/Tuck and Life Sentence star Dylan Walsh has been cast in the role of General Sam Lane in the upcoming series Superman & Lois, due from The CW in the fall. According to his official character description, released by Deadline, Walsh's Lane is "a no-nonsense Army general who's determined to keep America, and the world, safe from all threats – from this world or beyond. Lane's a workaholic who demands nothing but excellence from all those in his life." The character, who is the father of Lois and Lucy Lane, was previously played on Supergirl by Glenn Morshower. Lois will be played by Elizabeth Tulloch in the series. It is not yet clear whether Lucy, originally played by Jenna Dewan, will appear in Superman & Lois.

The series was slated to go into production in March, but that was delayed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has frozen most of Hollywood. Reports are that once shows go back into production, Superman & Lois will likely go straight to series, rather than taking time to get input on the pilot.

Ordered to series back in January, Superman & Lois will see Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin reprise their roles as Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman as well as be joined by Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin who will take on the roles of Jonathan and Jordan Kent, the sons of Clark and Lois. Elsass will play Jonathan while Garfin will play Jordan. It was previously reported that the series will see some changes for Lois and Clark, with Lois still working at The Daily Planet while Clark was fired due to "massive layoffs". The series will also see Jordan and Jonathan learning about their father's life as a hero while also potentially inheriting his powers.

Hoechlin first appeared as Superman in the second season of Supergirl, and has been a periodic guest since. During last year's "Elseworlds" crossover, the hero was engaged to Lois Lane, who revealed she was pregnant. She gave birth shortly before "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and was living with Clark on Argo City when the antimatter wave hit the universe of Earth-38. At the end of the Crisis, the realigned timeline seems to have shifted things so that Lois and Clark now have two sons, and they are much older than the baby seen in "Crisis."


There is no word on when Superman & Lois will go into production, but it is expected to debut in the fall. The CW will replay "Crisis on Infinite Earths" next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.