The Batman To Start Filming In Early 2020

The Batman movie is getting closer. With Robert Pattinson officially cast in the role of Bruce Wayne and Matt Reeves set to helm then ext trilogy for the Caped Crusader, the first shots will get underway in 2020 before a 2021 release. As camera tests and Batsuit fittings begin, the possibility of an early look at Pattinson in the role becomes greater with each passing day.

Pattinson will now begin a rigorous training routine to get his body physically ready to offer up the look of an iconic super hero role. Once this is complete and he is filling out the Batsuit properly, production will begin in early 2020. "(Reeves) wanted very specific things," an insider tells THR. "He knew what he was looking for." The casting process was apparently "quicker than normal" and went fairly smoothly by comparison to other efforts for recent iconic roles getting filled out such as Superman or Spider-Man.

The actor officially became Batman on Friday after a screen test in a Batsuit. Which Batsuit he wore remains unknown. Director Matt Reeves had been pushing for the actor pending his camera test results while the studio was keeping X-Men's Beast actor Nicholas Hoult in the running, as well. Reeves began his efforts with The Batman movie in February of 2017 when he was hired to direct a trilogy of films, which would be his next act following impressive Planet of the Apes efforts.

"Reeves is said to have considered Pattinson, 33, early on in the process, says one source, even though no outreach was made," THR reports. "Reeves didn't even know if the actor wanted the part. Since Pattinson shot to fame as a heartthrob vampire in the Twilight films, he has built a solid résumé in smaller, well-reviewed independent films like Good Time and Maps to the Stars. He has assiduously avoided big studio franchise films."

"Reeves and Warners execs took the week after Memorial Day to deliberate their choices, and by Thursday night, made the calls to the actors," the report claims. "The Batman who would lead the studio into the 2020s had been found."


The Batman movie starring Pattinson is expected to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.