Matt Reeves Shares New Look at Selina Kyle From The Batman Trailer

This weekend is set to see an all-new trailer for The Batman debuting at DC FanDome, but for those fans who can't seem to wait any longer at fresh glimpses of the film, director Matt Reeves took to Twitter to show off a look at Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle. This is only the latest tease of The Batman that has been unveiled on social media in recent days, with audiences also being treated to new posters and other images from the upcoming trailer. Fans can check out the full trailer for The Batman during DC FanDome, which kicks off on Saturday, October 16th at 12 p.m. CT. The Batman is slated to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.

"Meet Selina Kyle... See more of her tomorrow at [DC FanDome]," Reeves captioned the photo.

While the image itself might not necessarily be the most exciting, with our previous looks at the character coming from last year's teaser in which Selina's identity was largely obscured by a mask, this is the best look yet we've gotten at Kravitz in the new film.

The Batman is described as unfolding in the early days of the Caped Crusader's crackdown on crime in Gotham City, in which Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) sports rudimentary equipment and costumes to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. Similarly, this rudimentary aesthetic is embraced for Catwoman's character, a fact which Kravitz herself was happy with.

"I love it ...Yes, the tone of this film very much feels like its own thing," Kravit previously shared with the Happy Sad Confused podcast. "It's funny, I didn't really think about how difficult it is to make something as simple as a catsuit original. It's like, how do you invent the jean jacket? It's jean, it's a jacket. What do you do? But Jacqueline Durran, who's our amazing costume designer, is just a genius." 

She added, "It was cool to be a part of the process because sometimes with films this big, it can be very much, 'Put this on, stand over there, say this,' and Matt is very much about process. The whole thing began with conversations between me and Matt and Jacqueline, and so we kind of birthed this thing together. There's references to the year of the comic that we're dealing with. It's cool."

The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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