The Batman Reveals New Look At The Riddler

The Batman has just revealed a couple of new posters for the DC Comics film. DC FanDome is so close and the company has started to let the content fly. In the first red poster, fans get a look at the silhouette of Robert Pattinson's hero. It's raining and you can't see a ton of detail, but you do get a massive look at how that bat insignia on his chest functions. That outline looks the best it has yet in this new image. Paul Dano's version of The Riddler is here in the second poster as well. He's holding up a note for The Caped Crusader in that telltale collage style. For a lot of fans, this is the best look at one of the iconic parts of Batman's rogues' gallery yet. The hype has just begun to build and FanDome this weekend is going to have the Internet ready to explode. Check out the posters down below.

Last year at FanDome, some asked what role Gotham city would play in this new version of Batman. Director Matt Reeves thinks that the city is as much a part of Bruce Wayne as The Joker or Two-Face.

"It's just as important as any of the Rogues Gallery," Reeves explained. "It's sort of like the nature of what this place is, and the history of it is critically important to our story and one of the things that I really wanted to do because it is the center of the story - especially the history of corruption in the city. [That] was I wanted to present it in a way that was really fleshed out, I wanted it to feel like an American city you'd never been to. I mean other iterations... the Burton one had very, very, theatrical, beautiful sets - and Nolan had the version that he created in Batman Begins and that was... parts of Chicago and parts of Pittsburgh. And what we're trying to do is create a version of it that you haven't seen before."

DC FanDome gets rolling tomorrow and is streaming free. Robert Pattinson and his co-stars have been hyping this new trailer. From the initial reactions on Twitter, it would seem as though the fans are ready and willing to see what Reeves and company have in store.

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