'The Flash' Stars Address Possibility of 'Black Lightning' Crossover

Black Lightning is not part of The CW's Arrowverse but that hasn't stopped fans and even stars [...]

Black Lightning is not part of The CW's Arrowverse but that hasn't stopped fans and even stars from wishing for a crossover. Now, stars of The Flash are adding their thoughts about the possibility that the two worlds might collide.

Jessica Parker Kennedy (Nora Allen) and Danielle Nicolet (Cecile Horton) told Express.co.uk at MCM Comic Con in London recently that there are more crossovers on the horizon for The Flash -- and they aren't ruling out Black Lightning.

"I think crossovers are the coolest," Kennedy said. "The very first episode I did was a crossover and it was awesome, and everyone was there, and everyone was in a good mood. I feel like it's so fun to do that."

"I was really excited to pop over to Supergirl for five seconds last season and I don't think I'm spoiling anything to say there are going to be more crossovers this next season," Nicolet said.

Nicolet is right that it's not spoiling anything to say there will be more crossovers. Arrow's Stephen Amell even announced at The CW's upfronts presentation last month that Batwoman would be joining the Arrowverse in next season's big crossover event. But when it comes to Black Lightning, Nicolet was open to the possibility of that crossover as well.

"In terms of Black Lightning, just to say, I love it and I have a very public and undeniable crush on Jill Scott, so if any of the writers are listening right now, guys I'm just saying it would be fun," Nicolet said.

Crushes aside, even if they could come up with a story that would work for Black Lightning to crossover there are other challenges to consider. Black Lightning shoots in a different city than the Arrowverse shows which could make any type of crossover very difficult. However, Nicolet said that if any network could make it happen it would be The CW thanks to their history of putting together great crossovers for their DC television shows.

"But for me, it's challenging when we're shooting and it's challenging for crossovers to happen because not all the shows even shoot in the same city," she said. "But the idea that different shows on the same network pop over to one another -- the traditional TV lame word of synergy, I feel like the only time synergy has legit worked is on The CW in the DC universe and I think it's cool for fans and it's cool for us to do it. I love that the network makes it happen because it's no small feat."

The Flash and Black Lightning both will return this fall to Tuesday nights starting with The Flash at 8/7c and Black Lightning at 9/8c.