'The Flash's Cisco Writes a Touching in Memoriam for Beebo

Last week's episode of The Flash was a rough on for fans of Legends of Tomorrow. Thanks to the [...]

Last week's episode of The Flash was a rough on for fans of Legends of Tomorrow. Thanks to the villainous machinations of Trickster, Jr. and his mother Prank, not one but four Beebo dolls met their end.

But it isn't just Legends fans who felt the pain of Beebo's passing. Turns out that Cisco was saddened by the death of the furry blue plushie as well, so much so that he devoted a special blog entry to the "soft blue light in a world of darkness." In a touching (and kind of hilarious) post on The Chronicles of Cisco Tumblr. Cisco pays his respects for Beebo while also practicing his newfound hobby of poetry writing.

"During our faceoff with The Trickster and Prank, we lost a little furry guardian, a soft blue light in a world of darkness -- Beebo,' the entry reads before breaking into a poem memorializing Beebo. You can read the entire poem below.


Cisco's tribute to Beebo truly captures the short-lived, but beloved Legends character mentioning the fictional stuffed animal's time-travelling adventures as the anachronistic Viking God of War. For those who perhaps aren't as up on Legends of Tomorrow as they are with The Flash, in the midseason finale for Legends entitled "Beebo the God of War," the Legends team is still recovering from the tragic death of Martin Stein (Victor Garber) during the crossover "Crisis on Earth-X." However, they quickly discover that there is an anachronism that has caused the Vikings to settle in the New World and completely change the world as we know it, due largely due to their "god" It turns out that god is a popular 90s kids toy, Beebo, brought there by none other than a young Martin Stein.

The Legends manage to right the situation and say goodbye to Martin again, but Beebo became an instant hit with fans. Even the Legends of Tomorrow subreddit switched its allegiance to support "our lord and savior, Beebo." The appearance of the fluffy creature on The Flash made for a humorous mini-crossover of sorts, funny at least until Prank and Trickster -- themselves with ties to the 90s -- gave Beebo an "owie" in a disturbing acid bath and, later, was frozen until shattering by Killer Frost.

Of course, while Cisco's tribute to Beebo is sweet and heartfelt, it may be a little unnecessary. After all, Beebo's appearance in Central City is just proof that Beebo the God of War will always rise again.

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