'The Flash' Star Grant Gustin Got Married This Weekend

The Flash star Grant Gustin made headlines a year ago when it was reportedly gotten married to his [...]

The Flash star Grant Gustin made headlines a year ago when it was reportedly gotten married to his girlfriend Andrea "LA" Thoma in Malaysia. That turned out to be a false report, though: Gustin and Thoma had actually had a "traditional ceremony" to honor Thoma's Kadazan ancestry, but hadn't yet tied the knot. That is... until now.

E! News is now reporting that Grant Gustin and Andrea Thoma are now officially married. The pair held their wedding Saturday, December 15th, at the Valentine DTLA in Los Angeles. Guest reportedly included Supergirl star Melissa Benoist, was in attendance, along with other celebrities like "RJ Brown, Max Chucker, Daveed Diggs, Adam Kaplan, Jared Loftin, Ben Ross, Leela Rothenberg, Taylor Trensch, Chris Wood, model Renée Mittelstaedt and personal trainer Ryan Phillips."

As for the confusion about when the nupitals actually got traded: Thomas previously explained her cultural "traditional ceremony" as such:

"My mom's a Kadazan, so it's almost like Native American of America, but she's from the island of Borneo. We wore the traditional outfits, [and] we had, like, a shaman and a medicine-man do all of the blessings."

Gustin added this in that same interview:

"We technically did, you know, a shaman did a ceremony in front of a group of people. Technically we are, like, pretty married. We just haven't signed a document yet."

As you can see below, talent scout Robert Adamstein was in attendance, and provided our best look inside the wedding:

@robertadamstein -- "What heartfelt joy is was to watch Grant and LA, surrounded by their family and friends, come together for a loving union. Wishing them both a Lifetime of Love and Happiness. They are so blessed to have one another to spend the rest of their lives together."

Funny enough, Grant Gustin saw his Flash character Barry Allen tie the knot onscreen right before the erroneous reports that he'd done so in real life. Unfortunately, Barry Allen didn't get a chance for a joyous honeymoon, as his weeding was invaded by Nazi versions of the Arrowverse heroes, looking to take out their good-natured counterparts. It was also a first tease of Barry and Iris West's daughter from the future, Nora, sneaking back to affect the present.

...Hopefully, Grant Gustin's post-wedding days are a lot more leisurely! Congrats to him and his family!

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW.