'The Flash's Grant Gustin Is Flattered By Stewie's Crush On Him

Grant Gustin, who stars as the fastest man alive on The CW's The Flash, was flattered by his [...]

Grant Gustin, who stars as the fastest man alive on The CW's The Flash, was flattered by his Family Guy shout-out.

"This was a moment, for real," Gustin said during a visit to Conan. "Every friend texted me. I grew up watching the show, so yeah, I got a shout-out on Family Guy recently.

"And it's respect," host Conan O'Brien said.

"It was kind of a moment where like five different friends texted me like, 'this is the moment that you've made it, you are now famous,'" Gustin said.

"They actually mentioned you," O'Brien pointed out. "That has gotta be a moment where you realize, okay, things are good."

"Yeah, it was a full-on name drop from Stewie," Gustin said. "It was pretty cool."

The episode, aired in March, addressed the ambiguous sexuality of football-shaped-head baby Stewie, who admitted to his therapist he had a crush on another boy and found himself attracted to Grant Gustin.

"If anything, I'm less gay than I used to be," Stewie says in the clip, included in the video above. "Not that anybody at this school would care. But do I think that Grant Gustin and I would make the most adorable Instagram couple? Yes, yes we would."

After a pause, "Grant Gustin plays the Flash on The CW if you were wondering," Stewie says, explaining the live-action DC Comics adaptation to his senior therapist (voiced by X-Men star Ian McKellen). "Because, you know, most people over 70 probably don't know who he is."

Gustin, who had yet to see the scene in full, then said, "I've made it."

The 28-year-old actor also opened up about the behind-the-scenes process that goes into giving Barry Allen his super speed, joking he's "so tired of running."

Arrowverse architect Marc Guggenheim recently told Entertainment Weekly the shows hope to cross paths in another crossover, expected to hit TV screens in 2019, which would again involve the crimson-clad speedster.

The Flash, airing on The CW, brings its fourth season to an end in May. Family Guy airs Sundays on FOX at 9 pm ET.