'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Therefore I Am"

“Therefore I Am” starts off with Devoe giving a lecture to a college class, and all of the [...]

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"Therefore I Am" starts off with Devoe giving a lecture to a college class, and all of the students aren't paying attention — they're too preoccupied with their cell phones.

The bell rings, signaling the end of class and he's approached by the woman we know as The Mechanic — they talk over one of Devoe's plans.

In the present, joe and Barry are talking to Devoe and his wife at Devoe's house. The two members of the CCPD are questioning Devoe on if he knows any of those that have been affected by the Dark Matter. Barry notices a poster of a samurai on the wall and asks Devoe about it, and we find out the latter is fluent in several languages having lived in various places throughout his life.

At STAR Labs, Barry tries convincing the rest of the team that Devoe is that guy they should be after and Iris assigns each of the team members a task to complete.

We get another flashback, this time Devoe is watching the original Harrison Wells speak to reporters on tv about his particle accelerator. Devoe needs to use the particle accelerator to power a project he's working on.

In the present, Devoe is lecturing his class and notices Barry sitting in the back of his class. After class, Barry questions Devoe again, asking him where he was on the night the particle accelerator failed. Unable to recall, Barry asks him if he uses any public transit. Before he leaves, Barry's able to speed to one of Devoe's tables and take a mug he had previously used.

Barry takes the mug back to STAR Labs and after Caitlin analyzes it, they find it has no metahuman DNA — Devoe's DNA is perfectly human. Barry insists there's more to Devoe and orders Cisco to vibe the mug. Cisco obliges and sees Devoe preparing the macaroni and cheese he talked about while getting questioned by Barry and Joe.

We see another flash back, this time Wells' is speaking at a press conference on the night the particle accelerator turned on. Devoe's wife poses as a reporter and asks a question, and Wells notices that she's married to Clifford Devoe.

Outside of the particle accelerator, the Devoes discuss their ulterior motives with the particle accelerator. When the particle accelerator starts going on the fritz, Clifford puts on some sort of cap he has manufactured and he's struck by the dark matter, throwing him a ways before he's rendered unconscious. His wife runs to his side and he awakes.

Present day, Barry's called to Captain Singh's office — the Devoes have come to the CCPD headquarters to file a complaint against Barry, claiming he's been harassing them.

Barry's working late and Iris stops by with burgers. Iris finds out that Barry is still investigating Devoe and his wife and she tries talking him back from it.

We get another flash back of Clifford working on various equations and problems. The helmet they made, combined with the particle accelerator explosion, has given him genius-level intellect. Before too long, he starts to go into a seizure.

At STAR Labs, Barry starts looking at the decapitated samuroid head and finds out there are cameras in it — someone's been spying on them. Barry speeds over to the Devoe residence to do more investigating.

Barry's snooping around the house when he notices Devoe's wife pulling in the driveway. A photograph almost falls off the piano, but Barry's able to save it from crashing, but Devoe's wife notices something is amiss.

Devoe and his wife go to the doctor after he suffers the seizure, where he finds out this his body is attacking its own muscles. His legs are no longer able to work.

Present day, Barry approaches Team Flash about the camera and after trying to convince them he traced it back to Devoe's, but the team points out all of the flaws in Barry's theory. Joe calls Barry and calls him into work.

At the station, Devoe's wife is in Singh's room crying. Their security cameras caught Barry breaking into their home on video. Singh suspends Barry for two weeks.

Later that night, Barry's talking with Iris and reveals that the Devoes have a restraining order against Barry.

Barry breaks the restraining order and approaches Clifford at the university. Clifford reveals that he knows Barry is The Flash and explains that there's not a scenario Team Flash can put together that he doesn't know about. Barry walks out, but not before Clifford gives him best wishes on his upcoming wedding.

Barry goes back to the team at STAR Labs and tells them he confronted Devoe again. He reveals that Devoe knows that he is The Flash and informs them that Devoe is a metahuman supreme intellect. Cisco tabs Devoe as "The Thinker" and Wally walks in, much to the surprise of the team.

The Thinker and Mechanic are talking in their lair. Clifford begins seizing again before his hover chair shows up and he's plugged back in.