The Flash Season 3 Trailer: New Timeline, New Villains & Heroes

CW's The Flash returns soon for season 3, which will see Barry Allen having to deal with the ramifications of the choice to run back in time and save his mother - thereby creating a new timeline, which has been dubbed "Flashpoint" after the similarly themed comic book storyline.

Above you can see the latest trailer for The Flash season 3, which features the Wally West alternate version of Flash in the Flashpoint timeline, with a costume inspired by the classic "Kid Flash" legacy of the character. We also get a better look at "The Rival," one of the new villains we'll meet in the Flashpoint timeline.

"The Rival may be a fairly minor character to many modern-day fans," says's Russ Burlingame, "but he was not only the original Reverse-Flash, but later turned into a huge problem for the Justice Society — who are appearing in DC's Legends of Tomorrow this year. Flash fans will probably remember that we here at ComicBook kept expecting Clariss to be revealed as Zoom last season, so there's plenty to read about him HERE if you're interested."

The trailer is of course filled with fun Easter eggs for DC fans, with Barry Allen running alongside Wally West being a big iconic part of the comics. The "Kid Flash" joke dropped in that scene of banter goes over nicely. We already know that "Flashpoint" will just be the beginning of The Flash season 3, with new "Big Bad" speedster Savitar yet to be fully revealed.


The Flarrowverse continues with The Flash premiering on October 4; Arrow premiering on October 5, Supergirl premiering on October 10; while Legends of Tomorrow premieres on Thursday, October 13.