The Flash Recap with Spoilers: Barry Faces Off With Thawne in "The Exorcism of Nash Wells"

It's been awhile since Team Flash had to deal with their greatest enemy, Eobard [...]

It's been awhile since Team Flash had to deal with their greatest enemy, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, but in this week's episode they not only have to face off with the evil speedster but find a way to save Nash as well. Meanwhile, the mystery of what happened after Mirror Iris shot Kamilla with the mirror gun last week comes into greater focus and the crisis created by the death of the Speed Force also takes center stage. Read on to find out what happened in Tuesday's "The Exorcism of Nash Wells".

Spoilers for "The Exorcism of Nash Wells" below.

Eva addresses Mirror Iris and now, Mirror Kamilla, tasking them with the retrieval of a device that she needs for her "long term plans". It was sold to Mercury Labs, but now Eva wants it brought to her. Where the real Kamilla is remains a mystery.

Joe meets with Singh and reveals that he thinks there is a mole inside of CCPD for Carver's corporation. In the pipeline, Nash tells them that he's been seeing Wellses, including Harry. Caitlin discovers that there are multiple brain waves at play meaning Nash is pretty much all of the Wellses at the same time in his head. Nash reveals that he has a neural splicer that they can attempt to get rid of Thawne but it turns out that the splicer was a ploy for Thawne to escape. Barry catches him, but nearly kills him. Cisco stops Thawne.

Caitlin kicks Barry out of their efforts to help Nash. Cecile arrives with a lot of crazy supplies for the "exorcism". She can feel the negative feelings from Thawne in Nash. She's the Thawne detector to let them know when Nash is back. It ends up sending us to a flashback to Earth-719 years before where Nash comes across a girl named Maya who has sort of broken into his adventure camp. She helps him discover a valuable treasure. Turns out the kid has no parents anymore. He informally adopts her.

Flash to the present. Nash confronts Thawne in the mindscape where Thawne draws his power from Nash's emotional pain. In Nash's mind, Thawne tries to get him to re-experience a truly negative memory: Maya's death. It starts to give Thawne powers, but Cisco is able to stop him long enough for Cecile to knock him out.

Sunshine shows up when they try to transport the refractor. She takes everyone down, but Barry shows up to help as himself, not as The Flash. By surrounding her in darkness, it stops her powers and they take her out. Singh suggests that Sunshine could be the mole.

Cecile figures out that Nash is caught in a loop of grief and remorse and pain over the loss of Maya. Nash has to be the one to kick Thawne out and they decide to go into Nash's mind to force Thawne out. Inside, Cisco goes to Nash's aid while Barry stands in the way of Thawne. Thawne is unable to taunt Barry over his grief for his daughter Nora and Cisco helps Nash face Maya's death on Earth-13 a year ago where she loses her footing and falls to her death after retrieving a memory cell.

Facing the pain of that loss, Nash blames himself still but it's a form of control over his own pain. It's enough to destroy Thawne, sending red lighting into the atmosphere as Nash wakes up and returns though he is in deep emotional pain about Maya.

Thawne is still out there, just without a body now. Nash remains being all of the Wellses at once -- a Crisis of Infinite Wells.

Other items of interest include:
• Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla are able to get the refractor to Eva who plans to use it as part of her escape
• Barry uses Velocity X to augment his speed, but his body rejects it
• Barry decides that they will base their artificial Speed Force off of information in Nora's journal