The Flash Photos Reveal New Look at Danielle Panabaker's Season 6 Episode

We're officially less than a month out from the latest season premiere of The Flash, but a new behind-the-scenes look at the show's new season has surfaced online. Canadagraphs recently debuted new set photos from The Flash's sixth season, which provide an early look at the season's sixth episode, which will be directed by series star Danielle Panabaker. The photos show Panabaker directing on set, as well as her co-stars Grant Gustin and Hartley Sawyer doing some sort of stakeout in a vintage car.

While there's no telling exactly what Gustin's Barry Allen/The Flash and Sawyer's Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man are up to, what we already know about the new season creates some interesting possibilities. At the end of last season's finale, Ralph discovered a case file marked "Dearbon", the maiden name of his comic-accurate love interest, Sue Dibny.

"Well, I think what I really like about the 'romance' thing is that the idea of relationships can be a mirror held up to anybody and what does that bring up for him and what does that bring out in him." Sawyer explained in an interview earlier this summer. "There’s some stuff in the comics with Sue and Ralph where they go really, really deep into that and I don’t know when exactly we’re going to see and if we’re going to see Sue, but in terms of him getting out there and dating and falling for somebody, I would love to see how he takes that on. Maybe he gets his heart broken. Maybe he gets disappointed. How would he deal with that is something that’s really exciting and interesting to me. Now that he has more confidence because the family support of Team Flash has given him this confidence to kind of mature and grow into who he was always going to be."

This is just the latest episode of The Flash that Panabaker will be helming after she directed last season's fan-favorite episode "Godspeed".

"I think [my experience on the show] has certainly helped me," Panabaker told about directing the show earlier this year. "I think that's one of the reasons that really made me want to direct as well, because having been on the show for so long and having paid attention, I felt that I probably had a leg up on any new directors who were coming in. It's a very specific language, and I understood it just by the fact that I have been around for so long and have been paying attention. I think it also did help me with the cast because they know that I've been in the trenches with them, and I also intimately know their storylines in a way that, again, a new director coming in has probably seen a dozen or so episodes, and I lived them with them in a very different way."


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The Flash’s sixth season will begin Tuesday, October 8th, at 8/7c on The CW.