The Flash Season 6 Casts Heroes Star as DC Villain Bloodwork

The Flash appears to have officially found its latest foe. During the show's panel at this [...]

The Flash appears to have officially found its latest foe. During the show's panel at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Sendhil Ramamurthy will be joining the series as the DC Comics villain Bloodwork. The character will be appearing in the long-running The CW series in a recurring role.

Also known as Dr. Ramsey Rosso, Ramamurthy's character will be a brilliant physician with a genius intellect, and the world's leading expert on hematological oncology. A former colleague of S.T.A.R. Labs' Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Rosso rekindles their friendship after they are reunited by an unexpected event. But their longtime bond is quickly shattered when the doctor's desire to defy the laws of nature takes him down a dark path. In the process, Rosso will be transformed from an old friend into the most chilling villain Team Flash has ever faced: the monstrous Bloodwork.

Ramamurthy is known for playing Dr. Mohinder Suresh on Heroes and Heroes Reborn, as well as appearances on New Amsterdam, The Office, and Covert Affairs.

Bloodwork is a fairly new character in the world of DC Comics, making his debut in 2017 in Joshua Williamson, Pop Mhan, and Christian Duce's The Flash #29. In the comics, Rosso has been plagued with hemophilia since he was a child, and ultimately gets a job at a morgue in Central City. After a series of experiments, Rosso gains the ability to literally control blood, which makes him a very formidable and unique foe of The Flash.

Bloodwork will come at a very specific time for The Flash, as the characters will be dealing with the fallout of losing Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy), as well as the upcoming threat of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover.

"Moving toward the crossover, we're going to see the impact [losing Nora] is going to have on the future," series star Grant Gustin explained in a recent interview. "We're also going to find out more about the 'Crisis' headline in the [future] newspaper and why that date changed [in the season 5 finale], if the date changed. Heading toward the crossover we're going to be dealing with that."

"When I first read the pilot, and then I saw the pilot, I always assumed that that fight would be the series finale," outgoing showrunner Todd Helbing told of "Crisis on Infinite Earths". "So yeah, I like it a lot, moving it up. Look, there are so many things we can do after that. I think it's a nice way to get to that sooner than later, and it has changed my view of the show. I think it actually sort of is going to inject a new sense of energy into the show, which in a season-six show you always want. I think the timing is perfect."

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The Flash's sixth season will begin Tuesday, October 8th, at 8/7c on The CW.