The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Cisco Solves a Mystery in "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach"

The Flash is getting closer and closer to "Crisis on Infinite Earths", and it's safe to say that the multiverse-shattering event is already having a profound impact on the series. This week's episode broke away from the show's format to an extent, showcasing a universe-hopping mystery that Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) was at the center of. Here's what you need to know about this week's episode, "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach".


The episode opens with Cisco being arrested by authorities at STAR Labs. Twelve hours earlier, Barry and Iris leave on a pre-Crisis vacation, and trust Cisco to watch over the lab. Cisco reveals that he replicated Barry's mindset and decision-making into artificial intelligence, which he's dubbed "BARI".

Cisco tries to go to sleep, but suddenly wakes up and almost cuts off his hair. Kamilla tells him that he's been sleepwalking, most likely from being overworked. He almost tells Kamilla he loves her, but awkwardly fumbles out of it. They try to go to sleep, but suddenly Breacher arrives, and tells Cisco that Gypsy has died. He explains that Gypsy was hunting down an elusive hacker named Echo prior to her death, and asks for Cisco to help him. He finds out that Cisco is no longer a metahuman and asks if he's suffering from "breach psychosis", which could explain the visions he's been getting. Cisco and Kamilla decide to go to the crime scene, where Earth-19's Collector agents are investigating. An agent leads Cisco over to where Gypsy's body was -- right before it was vaporized.

Cisco and Kamilla are told to go home but refuse to give up. Cisco engineers a piece of technology that can provide the location of the murder weapon by triggering memories of her. Cisco sits in the machine, and he and Breacher hold hands as they have a vision of Gypsy's death. They then figure out the murderer -- Cisco. Breacher confronts Cisco, who suggests that he accidentally committed the murder under breach psychosis. Breacher understands that Cisco wasn't in his right mind when he committed the murder but still gives him an hour to get his affairs in order and turn himself in.

Kamilla argues that Cisco is afraid to make any decisions for himself and that he needs to trust his own intuition. Cisco then realizes that someone accidentally coded his technology to trigger breach psychosis in him.

Cisco gets arrested by the Collectors, but leaves behind a holocube that will tell Breacher the truth. An agent attempts to put handcuffs on Cisco, but realizes that he's just a projection of himself. The real Cisco shows up, locking Breacher and the agents inside as he goes to track down Echo. He does -- and finds that it's a doppelganger of himself. Cisco accuses Echo of planting the gun at STAR Labs, and hacking his technology in order to trigger the breach psychosis. Echo admits to it, and reveals that he specializes in forging and hacking identities across different universes. He then admits to killing Gypsy, and the two of them begin to fight. Echo gets the upper hand and attempts to kill Cisco, but Cisco hacked the gun to trigger a force field around him. The Collectors then arrive and arrest Echo.

Breacher apologizes for doubting Cisco, and invites him and Kamilla to Gypsy's memorial. He then breaches home, and Cisco finally tells Kamilla that he loves her.

Barry and Iris return home, and Cisco reveals that he got rid of the BARI. Barry and Iris apologize to Cisco for what happened to Gypsy, and he argues that Gypsy taught him to be the person he needed to be.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Ralph and Frost attempt to track down Ramsey's whereabouts, but have different ideas of how to do so. Caitlin ultimately tracks Ramsey down to his mom's lab. Ramsey argues that he's controlled his powers and harnessed the ability of immortality, but Caitlin turns him down. She argues that Ramsey just needs to have faith in himself, but he begins to strangle her.
  • Joe tracks down Nash to the tunnels underground. Nash causes the tunnel to cave in on itself, causing them both to be stuck. Nash tries to blast the rubble away, but his laser accidentally sucks almost all of the oxygen out of the air. Joe accuses Nash of being too stubborn and not believing in anything. Joe ultimately tells Nash that he saw The Monitor. Ralph suddenly arrives and rescues them both. Team Flash asks Nash what he was looking for in the tunnels, and tells them that he has found a way to save Barry from "Crisis".
  • Chester's energy levels are nearly back to normal, meaning he might be able to leave STAR Labs soon.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.