The Flash Showrunner Teases Big Reveal for Mirror Iris

The Flash is headed for a three-week hiatus, but it's left quite a lot of questions to still be [...]

The Flash is headed for a three-week hiatus, but it's left quite a lot of questions to still be answered in its sixth season. Namely, there's the dilemma of what's going on with "Mirror Iris", the alternate version of Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) who has been existing in the main Arrowverse for the past few episodes, while the real Iris has been trapped in the Mirror Universe with Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor). While all of the other characters around Iris don't know about her predicament, it sounds like that will soon chance, as the series' showrunner, Eric Wallace, recently told TVLine.

"Yes — and the audience won't have to wait until the end of the season for this to happen," Wallace explained. "However, there will be tragic consequences to learning the truth about Mirror Iris. Consequences that will send the season in a new, even more dangerous direction for Team Flash."

While it's unclear exactly when that will happen, and how that will unfold across the rest of the season, the magnitude of that situation is definitely to be expected. And either way, it provides the latest major storyline for Iris, something that has been a priority for the show's cast and crew.

"Whenever we can, the intention is to pepper in what makes Iris West-Allen and not define her by her marriage to a man. I love marriage. It's great, but that's not how people should be defined," Wallace said in a previous interview. "One of the most important things for me when I took over as showrunner of The Flash was to really make sure that Iris Allen-West was an equal character with equal time and equal stories to her male counterpart, Barry Allen — to establish equality, not just as a wife and a spouse. No, no, no. As a reporter, and as an individual with her own interests and her own stories, and, even more importantly, to show the independence of a working African American woman and bringing all of that out."

"It's always been really important to me that Iris has agency, and that we see her at work, contributing," Patton explained in a 2018 interview. "I always say ' These characters, us as women, we're so much more than the man or the woman that we are in a relationship with.' And so, I really wanted that for Iris, and I hope we do it justice next season. I'm a little worried how we fit that into the world that we've created with Star Labs. But if they can do it right, I think it can be great. It would love to see Iris being a dope reporter, like she is in the comics."

The Flash will return with new episodes on Tuesday, April 7th.