WWE Superstar Goldberg To Appear On 'The Flash'

The DC Comics-based shows on The CW have a history of including popular wrestlers from the WWE, and now we know "Who's Next" in an upcoming arc.

Former Universal Champion Bill Goldberg recently confirmed that he'll be appearing in two episodes of The Flash Season Four.

The producers for CW's The Flash have yet to verify the news, but considering it's coming straight from Goldberg's verified Twitter account it's probably a safe bet.

It's not exactly clear who the former football player and wrestler will be playing yet, though given the events of Season Four there is one major possibility.

When Team Flash helped retrieve Barry Allen from the Speed Force, they accidentally mixed up the location where they retrieved him which caused a public bus to be hit with the same radiation that gave Barry his powers.

Now people who were on the bus have become Metahumans and granted superpowers. The show could retcon Goldberg's presence on the bus, making it an easy excuse to introduce new powered heroes and villains to Central City.

The Flash has added some meat on to the tried-and-true formula for the villain of the week, extending some characters' presence into another episode to feed into the season-long narrative that's pitting Barry against DeVoe AKA The Thinker.

Goldberg will be following in the presence of Adam "Edge" Copeland, who played Atom Smasher, and Cody "Stardust" Rhodes, who played Derek Sampson. Both actors appeared on Arrow.


We reached out to The CW for more details, but have yet to hear back at press time. We will update with more information as soon as it becomes available.

The Flash airs Tuesday evenings on The CW.