Kevin Smith Reacts to Netflix's The Sandman

Netflix viewers around the globe are taking in the first season of The Sandman and Kevin Smith is no different. The Sandman, an adaptation that was decades in the making, debuted on Netflix on Friday and viewers began their binges of all 10 episodes. Kevin Smith is no different, as the director stayed up for an entire night watching the series and sharing some of his reactions on social media. Smith began by praising the original Sandman comics and the Netflix series and offering congratulations to Neil Gaiman, who wrote the comics and produced the show, on a job well done. 

"Dear @neilhimself, I remember reading the first issue of Sandman after buying it off the rack in 1989," Smith tweeted. "It was beautiful & breathtaking. Decades later, @Netflix_Sandman is taking me on a similar genuine journey. I'm so elated for you! Congratulations on your realized magnum opus!"

Smith continued his watch and shared his reaction to his first glimpse of Sandman's Hell in the series. He tweeted, "The @Netflix_Sandman goes to Hell! Oh, @neilhimself...This is Metal as fuck!"

Finally, Smith was reminded of the time he sneaked Morpheus into one of his Green Arrow comics. "Watching @Netflix_Sandman all night reminded me what a massive Morpheus fan I've been since the comic debuted – so much so that when I crafted QUIVER (my first Green Arrow arc with @philhester & @andeparks), we included a 60's scene at the Burgess estate featuring a creepy cameo," Smith tweeted.

Netflix's The Sandman has been well received by fans and critics. awarded the series a 4-out-of-5 review:

"[T]he adaptation does justice to the source material series, serving as a 21st-century update to the long-revered epic that will appeal to longtime fans as a new way to engage with it while also bringing that story to an entirely new audience. While purists may bemoan some of the changes, they ultimately make for a more cohesive viewing experience that still allows the individual short stories within the grander saga the room needed for viewers to fully appreciate them. The Sandman team has taken Dream's comics and crafted a worthy adaptation of a story that is, after all, about how we take the stuff of dreams and apply it to our lives, our art, and our relationships. And after seeing that tease at the end of Season 1, viewers will almost certainly be dreaming of what comes next."

The Sandman is now streaming on Netflix.