John Cena Reveals His Hope for The Suicide Squad

It's rare that a breakout character in an ensemble movie is given that sort of title before the [...]

It's rare that a breakout character in an ensemble movie is given that sort of title before the film is released, but that's exactly what has happened with John Cena's Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad. Long before the film's debut in theaters and on HBO Max, writer/director James Gunn announced that he and Cena were going to be continuing their work on a Peacemaker TV series, which will be released on HBO Max in 2022. It's clear that we're about to see a lot of this guy in the coming years.

For Cena, that's the end goal for many of the characters he plays. While speaking with GamesRadar+, Cena explained that he always wants to entertain people, and his hopes are that whatever he does will have folks asking for more.

"So, we perform so that people other than ourselves can be entertained," Cena said. "If I wanted to just crack myself up or make myself cry, I could film videos on my iPhone and watch them over and over again. I hope you know with The Suicide Squad right around the corner, I hope people see the movie and want more. And that's what you hope out of a performance. And the series is basically just that, where we dive into an episodic journey about the character. So you're going to get a ton of information, you're going to feel a lot closer to a character you see in an ensemble piece."

"And I really think, it's this it's almost the same when people go to see F9," he continued. "'Okay, John in this is Jakob Toretto.' I want people coming out of the theater going, 'Well, what are they going to do next?' That's our goal as a performer because that means they want to come back and see again. So Jakob essentially will have a future. I can only hope that people are so riveted with The Suicide Squad that they want to watch Peacemaker and then whatever they take away from it, that hopefully we further that journey."

We're still a month away from the debut of The Suicide Squad, so it remains to be seen just how much Peacemaker people will want in their lives. But Gunn tends to have a pretty good read on the fans, so the fact that he was quick to explore the character further is a great sign.

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