The Suicide Squad: Nathan Fillion Calls Co-Star Pete Davidson "The Nicest Man"

For James Gunn's upcoming The Suicide Squad, the director enlisted help from a lot of newcomers to the franchise and frequent collaborators. Among those that will appear in the movie include Nathan Fillion (having previously worked together on Slither, Super, and Guardians of the Galaxy) and Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson. Though the two seemingly only have small parts in the upcoming film, they developed an unshakable bond and Fillion has heaped some high-praise on his co-star.

"I was able to zip off and do another project really quick, I did a little role in the new Suicide Squad where I met a couple of really cool people, one of them Pete Davidson," Fillion said in an interview with SiriusXM. "We had him come down, do an episode of The Rookie, he plays my half-brother. My miscreant, ne'er-do-well half-brother. One's a cop, one guy's a pain in the ass and now they're half brothers. It's amazing....Let me tell you what I never knew about Pete Davidson, how incredibly charming he is, oh my god. I always thought that kid looked like ten miles of bad road, I said 'Who's this guy? Who's this guy coming in?' He's the nicest man, the nicest man. I used to think I was the nicest man."

It's still unclear who Fillion or Davidson are playing in The Suicide Squad, but set photos previously revealed the pair together and their very flashy costumes for the movie. Details on the film are still tight but many fans are theorizing that from these photos the two will play some obscure DC characters with many thinking Fillion is playing Blackguard and Davidson is playing Savant. Neither of these are confirmed, and based on the short filming schedule for both on the movie it's possible they'll only be on the team for a short time before their internal-security devices detonate.

New faces aren't the only ones that will appear in The Suicide Squad, as the movie will also bring back some characters and actors from the 2016 movie, including Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. All that in mind though, this isn't a sequel to the David Ayer-directed film.


“First of all, we don’t call it Suicide Squad 2 ‘cause it’s a total reboot,” producer Peter Safran previously told JoBlo. “So it’s The Suicide Squad and I think people should be extremely excited about it. It’s everything you would hope from a James Gunn script and I think that says a lot and that promises a lot and I know that we will deliver a lot.”

The Suicide Squad is scheduled to be released on August 6, 2021 with filming still ongoing in Panama.