The Superheroes Of The CW Extended Trailer Released

CW Crossover

The CW has become the premiere superhero network with their acquisition of Supergirl from CBS, and now that they're all together it's time to celebrate with a new trailer.

The Superheroes of the CW trailer combines some of the biggest highlights from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl into one place. While Supergirl was perfectly fine on CBS, it does feel as if she is finally where she belongs. Though it does feature her prominently, it doesn't' shy away from some of its other marquee heroes and villains. Characters like Vixen, Jonah Hex, Captain Cold, Atom, and Zoom all make an appearance, with more characters hopefully coming down the pike in future seasons.

Watching all the footage intertwined like this also shows just how much better the TV side of DC has managed to balance darker worlds and characters with enough lightheartedness and joy to keep things fun. It's in direct opposition to DC's approach to their Cinematic Universe, and frankly one seems to be working in spades and one is having a hard time getting off the ground, so maybe they should go with the one that works. Just a thought.


You can check out the entire trailer above, and be sure to let us know what crossovers you'd like to see in their upcoming seasons. Though my hopes of a Black Canary and Supergirl team-up are probably null and void, a White Canary team up would suffice, as would a team-up of Firestorm and Supergirl. So many possibilities.